TV Quibbles: Supernatural, “The Vessel”

Lucifer just can’t take putting up Cas’s grim face of angelic-constepation anymore.


Our episode starts in a Nazi-occupied France in 1943. One Nazi is talking on the phone to Hitler after finding something. This causes our heroine, Delphine, to come in and ask about the box. Her “lover” won’t let her at first, but eventually does. Upon opening the box Delphine says under her breath, “It’s true.” She then proceeds to stab him with her hair pin and knife and says, “The Men of Letters send their regards.”

It’s always nice to see a Woman of Letters.

Back in present day-bunker, Dean has woken up cranky because Sam drank all the coffee, but he has better things to worry about. Sam has discovered a group of weapons that were touched by God, AKA The Hand of God. One article talks of a sub carrying what could have been a weapon but was downed by a German ship while transporting it and a girl. None of the wreckage was found, but Dean has the idea to time travel back to the sub and get the weapon before it’s destroyed.

And their only way of time travel is an angel.

And their angel is currently being occupied by Lucifer who seems to have no interest in demons. Cassifer is too busy playing games on a tablet than interested in hearing about demon reports. This is when we find out Lucifer has Crowley chained up as a dog who can only speak highly of Lucifer.

However, Lucifer can tell Crowley is lying and Crowley tells him that even with all weapons in his armory, he still won’t be able to defeat Amara. And who just happens to call about a God-like weapon at that moment?

So after some bickering between Sam and Dean, Dean is sent back to an hour before the sub explodes. As Cassifer talks about sending Dean back, Sam can already tell something is up. Cas shouldn’t have enough power to be able to do that, but it happens any way.

While on the sub Dean spots a sigil and then we cut back to Cassifer entering the bunker, soaking wet, not able to get on the ship. This causes Sam to look for some kind of spell that could get Cassifer inside, despite there being a sigil.

Dean is able to steal the clothes off a sailor (Petey) and find Delphine. He calls her by her name and she puts a knife to his throat, only to have Petey and the captain come in. Dean just spits out the truth: he’s from the future but of course, no one really believes him. He tells them of the German ship coming and only seconds after, they find out that there really is one nearing them. The captain starts to lay off Dean but has Petey watch him and Delphine as they talk.


Photo: The CW

As they talk Petey starts asking Dean a bunch of questions, like, who won the World Series in 1944 or who will be the next President…both questions Dean has trouble answering.

Any way Dean tells Delphine about the war in the future and that he needs the Hand of God to stop it. Delphine trusts Dean and proceeds to show him the box that has…a piece of wood in it. Doesn’t look so spectacular but we find out it’s actually from the Ark. Damn. Dean beings to touch it but Delphine tells him it can’t be touched directly or the power could consume him.

Dean also tells Delphine about the sigil blocking his angel-friend and Delphine says the sigil doesn’t work against angels (but archangels wasn’t mentioned there.)

Things pick up when their sub loses track of the German ship and it appears above them, without any detection. An attack starts and Delphine shows Dean she has a sigil carved into her chest, bounded by blood. It could save the ship if Dean kills her, but of course, doesn’t.

Everyone meets together when Delphine’s, Nazi lover asks for her over a radio. Ah we forgot, those guys need to burn to die. Well he tells them to give her up or go down. At first I figured, oh they are so giving her up, but the captain said he had his orders to get her back to the states and that’s what he’s going to do.

So what’s going to happen? Dean suggest saving the sub but they agree, if it’s meant to happen, it should. Instead Delphine finds a way to take the Germans down with them. She takes part of the Hand of God and holds it. Her eyes light up and a bright light erupts. But what about Dean?

Back in the bunker Sam found a spell that can get Cassifer past any sigil but it needs the power of an archangel (even though they wouldn’t need it since Delphine scratched the sigil away.) Cassifer starts the spell any way and Sam argues that if Cas touched his soul, he could gain more power, but I guess Lucifer can’t keep the facade anymore because Sam soon realizes, Lucifer is inside of Cas.


Photo: The CW

Lucifer begins to hurt Sam but he wakes up and sees that Cas is back, the real Cas, who took Lucifer over. He tells Sam it was his choice to let Lucifer in and Sam can’t believe it. In the end, Lucifer went back to save Dean before the sub exploded.

In present time Sam tells Dean Cas isn’t there anymore and Lucifer takes the Hand of God. He holds it and…nothing happens. Apparently it’s a one time thing and Sam makes a blood sigil to send him away.

In the end Sam and Dean are sitting at some docks and Sam asks if Dean wants to talk about what happened, but Dean doesn’t want to, not right now. We learn that the German ship burned and went down along with the USS sub. And Dean sits there, holding The Hand of God, which does nothing.

A big secret has finally been revealed and I can’t believe it took Sam and Dean that long to figure it out. At the moment it doesn’t seem like we’re any closer to figuring out the Amara problem since next week it another filler episode with some Cassifer thrown in there. It would be nice to see that storyline move along.

However, this was a good episode. We met another Woman of Letters and time-travel is always an interesting part of the show.


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