Book Quibbles: Harry Potter

Yes, I’m part of that Harry Potter generation.

I have a tattoo…a freaking tattoo and I plan on expanding it.

I think I’ve avoided talking about Harry Potter for this long because it’s such an easy target. It’s the easiest thing I can write about because it’s literally my childhood. It’s the first thing that comes to mind when I think about my favorite things growing up.

My elementary school library got the books in when I was five. It was a big deal and there was a waiting list but I got that book and my mom read it to me until I was old enough to read them myself, and that was around the time the first movie came out.

As the years went by I followed the books and movies. I got a book for Christmas or my birthday along with some sort of merchandise. I remember laying out at my grandma’s, reading Prisoner of Azkaban. I remember going to theaters every time a movie came out.

Fun fact: Prisoner of Azkaban is probably my favorite book and movie, maybe because it was the first book I read on my own and the movie is just great.

What can I say about the books? They take you to a world you want to be apart of. Aside from the obvious dangers and the complete lack of modern technology, there’s magic! There’s dragons and creatures and food that appears in front of you in an instant.

And thankfully, Harry was a likable character. You automatically felt bad for him because of his situation and it made him into the caring person he was best known for. Sure Harry was brave and dove straight into the fire, but the fact that after all that time with the Dursleys he was still a caring and a kind person, that was something.

The side characters are equally as likable. Hell my top three favorite characters are Hermione, Lupin, and Luna. With a series that has so many characters you would think they’d become a jumbled mess, blending in together until you can’t tell them apart, but each one is different and each one had their own time for you to get to know them.

Then there’s Voldemort. If you want to call him anything positive, he’s dedicated. Damn he was dedicated on killing Harry, but the funny thing is, he was never my least favorite character. I don’t think it helps I’ve seen numerous parodies that just make fun of him and actually make him likable (looking at you, A Very Potter Musical.) Umbridge however, she can burn in a fire.

A whole generation was created based on this series. Most people around my age can say they grew up with Harry Potter. It took you to a different world, a way to escape the harsh realities of ours. It helped kids become more courageous and care about one another.

And for me, it’s one of the reasons I wanted to be a writer. Rowling thought of this world, in her head, and helped millions of kids get through their daily lives. I’ve always wanted to accomplish the same thing. If one person, just one, can forget about their crappy situation and dive into my book, I’d feel accomplished. I’d be proud.

Aside from the obvious problems Hogwarts has (numerous rooms you can’t enter along with changing staircases, a forest with dozens of creatures that could easily kill you, etc.) most people want to go there (as long as wifi is used.) Sure you could say emailing or text messaging would be easier than using owls (but they’re so damn cute) and who still uses quills? It would be an interesting change of lifestyle.

Some people like Harry Potter, some don’t. I can understand it’s not for everyone, especially the genre, but for me, it was my first fandom. It was the first thing in my life that I truly fell in love with and to this day, am still preordering books and sort of patiently waiting for the next movie. Aside from my family, Harry Potter is the longest relationship I’ve ever had.


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