TV Quibbles: The Walking Dead, “Knots Untie”

When you were pouring the bisquick, were you trying to make pancakes?


Well we’ve finally discovered what our group of survivors is all about: killing. It’s what they do best.

Unfortunately, Abraham and Sasha’s office romance doesn’t seem to be going anywhere and Abraham deals with these feelings by sleeping with Rosita. He calls her near perfection and she makes him a necklace and yet during all this he gets flashbacks to Sasha. I’m trying to figure out where his crush on her even started. However, this won’t be the last of Abraham’s strange moments.

Before everyone rushes to Jesus walking in on Rick and Michonne, Maggie and Glenn have a moment where we learn food is scarce in Alexandria and they’re trying to grow crops. Oh if only there was some other way for them to get food…

Well that other way comes in the form of Jesus.

The group rushes into Rick’s house and yes, everyone sees Rick and Michonne after their night together, even Carl. Jesus even calls Michonne Carl’s mom and for a second Carl is confused but all that is taken away when the two walk out in their underwear.

Apparently Jesus has been snooping around the town throughout the night and knows they have problems, mostly food. A group meets with Jesus as he tells them his community trades with other towns, which means their world is about to get a whole lot bigger.

There was also a funny moment when Jesus notes the cookies he had were good, but Carol isn’t around. Yeah, where is Carol?

Denise and Daryl have a moment when she tells him he reminds her of someone she once knew and proceeds to give him an oat cake, that doesn’t look that appetizing but it would be interesting to see some sort of friendship grow between the two.



Before leaving in the RV Carl and Rick have a moment where Rick explains to Carl him and Michonne just happened and he was going to tell him, but in the end, Carl doesn’t mind and why would he? He loves Michonne, why not have her with his dad? Carl is invited along but decides not to go which is pretty strange, but he says he doesn’t want to make a first impression with one patched up eye.

The ride to the community consists of Abraham asking Glenn questions about Maggie getting pregnant. Glenn tells him they’re trying to build a family and Abraham has a few moments where he just stares off thinking…probably thinking of Sasha.

Rick and Michonne hold hands and I squeal a little bit.

To break up the talking and driving the group stops to investigate a crash that Jesus says involved his people. There’s a house nearby he believes they are in and Jesus is left outside with cuffs, being watching by Maggie, while everyone else goes inside. There’s a few walkers taken out and they eventually find the four people.

And out of all those people, one of them happens to be a doctor, that Glenn saved. And wouldn’t you know it, he’s an obstetrician. Their world just got a whole lot luckier.

The RV gets stuck but it doesn’t matter because they made it to Hilltop, a community surrounded by walls and the one thing that stands out is a large house that was turned into a history museum. With the walls and dirt roads, it looks like some history reenactment like Colonial Williamsburg. There’s people all around, some living in trailers, and Jesus tells them they ran out of ammo months ago, ergo the reason the guards are using freaking spears to protect the community.



Jesus takes them inside the house, Barrington House, where their leader Gregory is. Yeah, Gregory is a dick. He refuses to talk to them until they wash up and Rick appoints Maggie as the obligatory leader because let’s be honest, if he talks to Greg, punches will be thrown.

Gregory seems to be known for taking deals and tries to make one with Maggie that he’ll give her food if some of them stay, including her. He calls her some names and Maggie is not here for this sexist bullshit. In that moment, Gregory became creepy.

Obviously Gregory isn’t a nice guy, despite what he says. He can’t even remember Maggie’s name and proceeds to tell her their community is shit and they’re not going to survive without their food. In the end, I’m surprised Maggie didn’t punch him. Jesus let’s them know he’ll talk to Gregory if they give him a few days but this is interrupted by a some of the community returning.

In a small scene Rick isn’t sure if they should stay but because Michonne insists they do, he goes along with it. Of course he does.

Some guy named Nathan and a few others return to tell Gregory Negan killed some of their group and has another one captive. Negan also sent a message with Nathan and Nathan proceeds to stab Gregory.

And of course a fight happens. Nathan has a knife to Rick’s throat and Michonne is read to decapitate him but instead Rick stabs Nathan in the neck and gets blood all over himself. Rick Grimes everyone, making the best first impressions. Another guy is choking Abraham and he seems like he’s almost ready to die when Daryl comes in. A woman punches Rick and Michonne takes her down easily.

Jesus interrupts the fight and tries to calm them down and without a hat and jacket, yeah he looks like Jesus.

Oh thank god, Gregory survived…yay.

So the group meets with Jesus and we learn more about Negan’s group, The Saviors. Basically Negan came in and beat a 16 year old to death to show that they’re in charge and if they don’t give Negan’s group food and do what he says, he’s going to kill them all.

Then Daryl erupts and is ready to go kill Negan. Rick even says, “Confrontation is something we’ve never had trouble with.” Yeah, if there’s one thing our group is good at, it’s killing.

Alright, in the end Maggie speaks with Gregory and she tells him they’ll take out Negan if they get half of their food, and they want half of their food right now. A deal is taken and I was glad to see Maggie stand her ground with this prick.

In the end the group, Jesus, and another guy from Hilltop are off to kill Negan and boy this should be good.

Before they leave Maggie and Glenn get a sonogram. Glenn shows the picture to everyone and Abraham has another moment where he just stares at the picture. Is Abraham considering having kids?

For a second I thought they were heading out right there right now to Negan, but nope, they’re going back to Alexandria first to get the pick guns (i.e. Carol.)

In the end this was a good episode. I’m not a fan of Gregory but I was glad to see Maggie not take any of his bullshit. It was a little stagnate, not a lot of action, but meeting a new group always adds something to the show.

Plus we learned more about Negan and the show keeps on rolling. We’re not taking a break, they are going to meet with Negan and try to take him out and we all know this isn’t going to go down the way they think it’s going to.

As for my rating, I’d give it 1.5/5 quibbles, so again, reverse rating system. The lower, the better.








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