TV Quibbles: Teen Wolf, “The Beast of Beacon Hills”

I think we could figure out Theo was a failure before the Dread Doctors told us.


As if they didn’t learn the first time, Scott and the Pack are wiling to “trust” Theo to help get Mason back.

However, Theo and his pack are still in cahoots with Deucalion. Theo has the Dread Doctors mask that was going to be used on Lydia and tries to convince Josh (the one with the electricity) to use it since it has electromagnetic fields within it. Josh disagrees.

Deucalion shows everyone that he can easily get out of his trap and teaches Theo how to take the power from someone else. Basically you give them pain, you take their life, you take their power. Within one session Theo understands and kills Josh, takes his power, and uses the mask to figure out who the Beast is.

Scott and Liam go with Theo to find Mason.

Malia and Braeden let Stiles know the Desert Wolf is going to try to kill him. In a pretty funny scene, Stiles tries to get a gun off Braeden but after she throws it to him and he proceeds to drop it, even he agrees he shouldn’t have a gun. Stick with the bat, Stiles.


Kira wants to fix her sword to help in the fight, but considering her dad shattered it, there’s only one way to fix it. Kira leaves and goes back to the Skinwalkers, begging for their help, and they will, but for a price.

Meanwhile Lydia and Papa Stilinski convince Parrish to stay in town to help fight the Beast.



Mama McCall answers the big question in this episode: why was Mason chosen? Well, apparently he ate his twin in the womb so, two different sets of DNA. Ah, well that makes sense.

Scott, Liam, and Theo find Mason hooked up to a Nazi-werewolf (yeah, maybe that will be explained better) but the machine is hooked up to his skull and they can’t seem to get it out. The Dread Doctors come in…

…okay on a side note does anyone else wonder how they get around anywhere? They’re so slow. Are they physic? They need an extra day just to get where they’re going…

…any way, the Dread Doctors taunt Theo, calling him a failure. They also tell us why Mason was chosen and it was thanks to Theo. Basically by corrupting someone so good they would turn evil, and how much “good-er” do you get than Mason?

A fight breaks out and it switches between Malia and Braeden hiding in a house from the Desert Wolf. Thanks to Braeden putting nut shells on the floor, she’s able to hear when the Desert Wolf is near and gets her blocked inside with Mountain Ash. I guess we’ll have to wait for the big fight next week.

Mason is able to pull the cord out of his skull and something about him switches. Liam calls his name and Mason says, “That’s not my name.” The Beast begins to take over and the transformation happens. Oh and because the transformation happened without the frequency to cause it, it means it’s complete.

And who comes just in time? The Argents. They’re looking for the pike that killed the Beast the first time and I saw someone on Tumblr mention a theory that a necklace Kate gave Allison in the first season could be what they’re looking for. That’d be a cool twist.



Any way, Parrish is there as well and begins to fight the Beast and along with the Argents, knock the Beast down until it turns human again, but it doesn’t turn back to Mason.

Remember the man it once was? Yeah, Sebastian comes out of the cloud of shadows.

So, where’s Mason? Gone.

This was a good episode that answered some questions while also setting up for the season finale. From Kira getting back with the Skinwalkers to Malia preparing for her battle with her mom, and a full moon approaching, I’m sure next week will be a blood bath.

And who’s going to die? I think we can all feel it coming.



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