TV Quibbles: The Walking Dead, “Not Tomorrow Yet”

A lesbian, a priest, and Jesus are sitting in a car…


The calm before the storm is how this episode started and it may be the last time this season there is any calm.

Carol is still baking cookies and going to great lengths to do it. She uses beets and acorns and hands them out around Alexandria. She runs into Tobin and the two seem to have a flirty moment. Could something be there?



The beginning of the episode had a lot of Carol. She was baking cookies, talking to Tobin, and even laying a cookie on Sam’s grave that makes you go “aww, she’s making us feel bad about Sam.” Carol has a notebook where she marks down all her non-walker kills. At first you think something bad may happen to Carol since so much of the beginning was focused on her, but then I remembered who was on Talking Dead and felt a little at ease.

Carol’s love life is about to perk up since she meets up with Tobin later in the day and they kiss. It has been a while since the epic zombie herd fight so as to what those two could have been up to hasn’t been seen, but surprisingly it didn’t make me mad. I’ve been a big Carol x Daryl shipper in the past, but over time their could-be relationship has simmered down and they haven’t had many moments together. Maybe it’s on purpose, but Carol deserves some happiness. And Tobin seems like a nice guy.

And the relationship issues didn’t stop there.

Abraham broke up with Rosita, telling her when they met he thought she was the last woman on earth, and she’s not.

Prick move Abraham. We know he likes Sasha but any chemistry between them isn’t really there, probably because she has no interest in him at the moment. Rosita’s cries were broken up when Eugene comes creeping in wearing a “Virginia is for lovers” t-shirt and eating a cookie. Can always count on Eugene to break an intense moment.

Then there’s Denise and Tara. Tara actually wants Denise to come with her on the run, but Denise has to stay, since she’s really the only doctor they have anymore. Hopefully neither of them die, but I think it’s safe to say they’re safe. Tara and Heath are going on their run after the attack on the Saviors (giving them a reason to NOT be there for the final fight and considering Alanna Masterson is very pregnant at this point) and the two have a nice goodbye.

Stepping away from the relationship issues, Rick gathers the town in the church to get their perspective on the massacre about to ensue. He wants everyone to agree, but one person doesn’t, and everyone already knows who it is.



Morgan wants to give them a choice, see if they can change, but since no one else agrees with Morgan, his speech is wasted.

Time to get going. Rick, Michonne, Maggie (who shouldn’t even be there), Glenn, Abraham, Rosita, Sasha, Carol, Daryl, Father Gabriel, Tara, Aaron, Heath, Jesus, and Andy from Hilltop are on their way.

Before they reach the Saviors, they decide to find a Walker who looks similar to Gregory (since the Saviors want Greg’s head) and Rick proceeds to punch it so it looks more like him.Yes, Rick punched a decapitated Walker head.

Glenn and Heath have a moment, since neither of them have killed a living person. Both are scared and at this point you start to get worried and realize what they’re about to do.

It’s nighttime, and the plan springs into action. While in formation, the group takes out two guards as Andy is there to give them the head and they believe it to be real. Andy gets his person and drives away before the killings start. Father Gabriel, Tara, and Jesus wait in the car and Maggie and Carol stand guard. Carol? Standing guard and not taking people out?



Any way time to go kill people.

They break in and at first it seems too easy. They take some people out in their sleep, but the worst was Glenn. The look on his face when he puts the knife in the guy’s head is heartbreaking and at that moment you know he has changed. I didn’t want him to do it and at this point I’m truly questioning this plan. How could they possibly know this is all the Saviors there is?

Well one wakes up and rings an alarm before being stabbed and the others wake up. A fight ensues but in the end, our group won.

Even Father Gabriel took one out!

So the group comes out and it’s daytime. One of the Saviors escapes on a bike and they take him down only for a voice to talk over his radio. A woman tells Rick that they have a Carol and a Maggie. What the hell happened there? Well Carol sort of flipped at Maggie for being there in the first place and they ended up getting captured. Yeah, Carol isn’t as invincible as we thought.



Good job guys!

From this point on I believe shit is going to keep going down. Negan isn’t going to take this lightly. Our group may have a moment when they’re back in Alexandria, believing they won, but it will be broken up by Negan killing someone.

In their compound pictures of Negan’s kills hang on a wall, their heads bashed in and who happens to be looking at them? Glenn.

I think it’s on purpose. They’re making us believe it will be Glenn but in the end it will probably be someone else and I truly think it’s Daryl.

Any way, this was a good episode. We saw relationships form and some fall apart. At times it was hard to watch them killing people in their sleep and that’s saying a lot coming from me. AND I know the Saviors are dicks.



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