TV Quibbles: Once Upon a Time, “Souls of the Departed”

Wouldn’t it have been great if James Woods was Hades?


Well, we’re in hell.

Wait no, we’re in..dream heaven of some sorts.

Emma wakes up in her yellow bug with Neal in the back and it was a nice callback to the first time they met, but Neal is there for more serious matters. He knows what Emma is doing and is warning her to stay out of the Underworld. Is Neal there? No, he’s in a “better place” since he has no unfinished business.



So the Underworld is a place for souls with unfinished business, sort of like purgatory? Then there’s “heaven” and an even deeper “hell.” You know what that’s what I’m going with.Any way, the two have a nice moment together talking about Henry and sorts until Emma wakes up in the boat taking them to the Underworld. The screen turns to a blood-orange and we’re in Underworld Storybrooke. I’m sure there are other parts of the Underworld that don’t look like that but at least the characters know where to go.

Henry contacts Corra in Wonderland asking for her help, but of course Corra sucks. She finds a way to escape through their Skype mirror and poses as Henry who has set up a meeting with Snow. Just in time for real Henry to appear, Corra takes Snow’s heart and puts it in a box, ready to give to Regina for her birthday.

Regina opens the box and there’s a heart there but it’s not Snow’s (obviously.) Regina can see through the mirror of Snow having drinks with David and the dwarves. As Regina crushes the heart Snow has a reaction but it’s just Jiminy Cricket hiding under her shirt…life lonely has a cricket Jiminy?

Henry had switched hearts with someone else which causes Regina’s fuse to blow. She traps him in a box and is ready to send Corra back through the mirror when she grabs the box, leaving Regina alone with Sidney.

Why did we have a flashback with Regina and her dad? Well Corra happens to be running Underworld Storybrooke and tries to convince Regina to leave and if she doesn’t, she’s going to send Henry into the fiery pits of…deeper Underworld? Is it “hell” or what? We learned that the only way people leave the Underworld is either to a better or worse place. Was that the worse place or is it just a form of eternal suffering?

Any way, Regina has to think this over but we got many more cameos to get through.

Snow walks into Granny’s which is being run by the Blind Witch. Then there’s a moment when David walks in in different clothes, which Snow finds strange but proceeds to kiss him any way and we find out it’s actually James, David’s twin brother.

Rumple goes into his shop looking for something that will help them. He sees the little doll his father gave to him before he turned into Pan and of course guess who is there…Pan. After reviewing a season of Heroes Reborn it is very refreshing seeing the actor portray someone interesting.

So Pan wants to return to the living world and talks about switching with a living soul, but Rumple doesn’t care. Pan gives him the vile of liquid and doesn’t ask for anything in return. Will be curious to see if he does return, or if that’s the last we see of Pan.

Rumple gives Emma the vile that contains liquid that will allow her to talk to Hook if she pours it over his grave. She does and Hook appears but all bloody and beaten. Regina actually turns Henry away from the scene (as if he hasn’t seen enough blood) but the connection isn’t strong enough and Hook disappears before Emma has a chance to say anything.



Emma tells Regina to leave, since the boat Corra sent for is coming to take her home, but instead Regina pours the liquid over Henry’s grave to speak to him.

This was the most emotional moment of the night. Regina and Henry being reunited made me cry. You know the weight Regina had been feeling since killing him, especially after turning good, and to know that Henry forgives her? Punch in the heart.

Regina runs back to Mordor (along with Henry Jr.) and tries to convince Corra to let Henry Sr. go. Of course she doesn’t listen and sends the fire up to drag Henry down, but leaves before seeing it happen. Was it because she couldn’t bare to see her husband get dragged into under-Underworld or was it so she wasn’t there to witness Henry be set free.

Yeah, Henry doesn’t deserve to be suffering in the Underworld and the Underworld knows that because it let him go and a white light appears. Before leaving he gets a chance to meet Henry Jr. which I’m sure many fans wanted to see (I’m actually glad that happened) and he says his goodbyes before leaving to…a better place. I have no idea what/if any religion has been mentioned on the show. Do they believe in God? Is that heaven? Who knows, he can meet up with Neal.

The group gets back together and the hand on the clock moves. Snow thinks they should stay and help rescue souls, but Rumple thinks it’s a stupid idea. I’m sure the longer they stay, the more he’ll want to reunite with his dad.

Any way, the episode ends with Corra walking into the library and taking the elevator shaft down and we finally see the big bad guy running the place: Hades. He was the one who wanted Regina to leave and Corra agreed to help (probably so he wouldn’t hurt Regina.) At least it was nice to see Corra wasn’t as mean-hearted as she put on and it was all Hades plan.

He tells her the hand moving on the clock represents a soul leaving the Underworld and Hades doesn’t want that.

So upon failing, Hades dresses Corra up in her miller daughter’s clothes as punishment. It is kind of…well not sad, but it was the life Corra tried so hard to escape from and now she’s back in it for eternal suffering.

Oh and we end with Hades’s hair turning a fiery blue.

All in all this was a pretty good episode. I wish the Underworld was somewhere different, a change of scenery would be nice. However, I did enjoy seeing people from our group reuniting with their loved ones, especially Regina and Henry.

I am interested in seeing where this season goes, but I hope the group just finds Hook and leaves, no wondering around trying to save souls. I know some of them don’t deserve to be there, but it’s just not the right place to be heroes. I’m sure they’ll defeat Hades and the souls will move on, either to a better or worse place.



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