TV Quibbles: Teen Wolf, Season 5

The day has been saved and no main character died. Some times this feels too easy.


Not that this season has been easy. First we had the Dread Doctors capturing teenagers and turning them into Chimeras until they released the Beast for the second half the season. Every time you thought our heroes couldn’t fall any deeper, they would. Every time you thought things couldn’t get any worse, they surely did.

The first episode showed Lydia trapped inside Eichen House, seeing all of her friends’ deaths. From that point on there was no chill.

We were introduced to a few new characters right off the back. From the beginning Stiles didn’t trust Theo and had every reason to. It would eventually come back to bite Scott in the ass when Theo killed him. Theo was such a strange character. You could never decide whether to trust him or not. He did help save Lydia and has worked with the pack on more than one occasion, but only for his own needs. And he killed his sister…

Then there’s Hayden who had a bad past with Liam and oh wow, they ended up together. Didn’t see that coming. Not going to lie, I wasn’t very invested in their relationship. Then again I’m not invested in most of the relationships on the show. Maybe they just needed another girl werewolf.

Any way, this was (FINALLY) the pack’s senior year. They have been in school for far too long. Our Allison feels were punched in the gut when upon putting their initials on a bookshelf, hers were added. Yes we know, they forgot a few other characters killed off (Erica and Boyd.) A call back to them would have been nice.

The Desert Wolf was introduced and was out to get Malia. I wasn’t sure about this subplot. It was a good way to give us more backstory for Malia and it was nice to see Braeden again. Should be interesting if Malia could solve her daddy issues next season.

In the end the pack defeated the Beast. Parrish’s Hellhound powers were in full mode, but was I the only one disappointed he didn’t turn into the actual Hellhound painted in the fresco?

Lydia’s powers have FINALLY come in handy. I was so glad to see her kick some ass this season. Who would’ve thought she could crack skulls just with her voice? Lydia kicked ass but at the same time went through hell. She had to put up with shit this season, from being trapped in Eichen then almost getting her throat ripped out.

Kira was a little meh this season. She couldn’t control her powers well and in the end had to go live with the Skinwalkers. What did happen in the end? Did they show her some way of opening the ground? It was great to see Theo get dragged under though.

And what was his plan with Deucalion? It confused me when he said he wanted Scott’s eyes because I remember them parting ways on sort of good terms, at least they were allies. I did clap when Deucalion proved to be on Scott’s side and was playing Theo. That was great.

Another problem was solved when Liam revealed to Mason that he’s a werewolf. That was something that needed to be done a long time ago. Mason being part of the pack was great and upon seeing that he was the Beast was a huge slap in the face. I did like the idea that Mason was so good that corrupting him would be the biggest form of evil.

Speaking of the Beast, the backstory for me was cool. It was great to see “Allison” back and kicking butt. And even after death she never stopped. When the Beast dug its claws into Scott’s neck and saw Allison I wasn’t expecting it, but it does make sense. She looks like her ancestor and it took the Beast by such a surprise it allowed Scott to get away and eventually kill the Beast.

The season wasn’t perfect however, nothing is. Like I’ve said a million times, I just don’t get into the relationship part so when that happened, I usually rolled my eyes. The Desert Wolf wasn’t as interesting as I thought it would be, and as for the technical aspect…Was I the only one who had the hardest time hearing the Dread Doctors? That and it was so dark. In certain scenes you could barely see what was happening. Yeah those are small quibbles but something that did annoy me after a while.

As for Teen Wolf season 5, I have to give it 3.5/5 quibbles. Some parts of it weren’t my favorite but overall it kept me coming back each week and in the end that’s what matters.

Next season should be interesting since it seems that the Nazi-werewolf has escaped.

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