TV Quibbles: The Walking Dead, “Last Day on Earth”

Hi, I’m the cliffhanger that has pissed off most of the fanbase and will last six months even though it could have been resolved in a second.

*spoilers, of course*

We’ve finally made it here. The end of the season or in Rick’s case, the end of the road. I personally think this has been the best season so far, but we’ll talk about the season as a hole later. Let’s get into the episode.



Maggie is sick. The baby is doing something to her insides and they need a doctor, specifically a baby doctor residing in Hilltop. Before leaving Rick consults with the town’s new defense lead Gabriel. Tell me a few months ago this would happen and I’d laugh in your face, but Gabriel has proved himself and I think he could do it.

There was this weird moment between Carl and Enid where she tells him she’s going with them because she needs to be there with Maggie and Carl locks her in a closet, giving no reason as to why he wants her to stay. Perhaps he cares for her so much he doesn’t want her getting hurt, or she’s one of the few people who could actually defend the place.

Any way, the group sets out. Rick, Carl, Sasha, Abraham, Aaron, and Maggie all in an RV.

Meanwhile Morgan is tracking Carol. He finds the horse from last week and was I the only one praying a horse actually survives for once?

Carol is hiding by a library and isn’t happy Morgan is there. Even after he helps her wound and gets them ready to stay the night Carol isn’t having it. She left and wants to be left alone. She leaves at one point so Morgan sets out again.

He does find a walker that was hung from the top of the library which connects to what Rick’s group is dealing with.

So remember that Savior that was trailing Carol after she shot down his men? Yeah he’s still here, trying to get his revenge. He starts shooting Carol, not in any life threatening areas, but wants to watch her die slowly. The hell?

Finally Morgan comes in and tries to tell the guy to stop but when you think he’s about to kill Carol, Morgan shoots him six times! Finally! I’m all for Morgan not wanting to kill and it’s fine but it needs to be done at times and if he can control it then it’s all good.

Not much later we see two new people come on their horses, wearing armor and carrying spears. They ask if Carol and Morgan need help and offer it. Now I don’t read the comics but know pretty much everything that happens and I know there’s one more group that needs to come into the equation to stop Negan: The Kingdom.



Back to Rick’s group, they start towards Hilltop but every road they took was blocked by the Saviors. No one tried anything, just warned them. They even had a man from another group that had been taken out and was used as an example towards Rick. This guy was from the library Carol and Morgan were at and probably knew that man that was hung, considering this guy was hung as well.

That poor guy. We saw him get beat up the entire episode and to watch him hang was horrible. The thing is they could have shot him down, but Rick didn’t want to waste any bullets and they stood there watching him die.



Finally, they get the idea to carry Maggie on a stretcher while Eugene takes the RV, trying to confuse the Saviors. They’re walking through the woods when a whistling starts and they’re surrounded. Finally they end up in this big lot and probably 100 Saviors are standing there, whistling (and was more annoying than creepy.)



They tell them to get on their knees (including Maggie who can barely stand) and Dwight opens a car door to reveal Glenn, Michonne, Rosita, and Daryl inside. The group’s all here guys. Even Aaron, who has become a fan-favorite. We just had to get him in there, make us worry even more.

Not going to lie I was shaking at this point, pretty much like the rest of the group, and then he comes out. We finally get to meet Negan.

I’m a fan of Supernatural (even when I get pissed at it) and am so used to Jeffrey Dean Morgan playing John Winchester so when he was Negan, it was a completely different character that scared yet intrigued me at the same time. I shouldn’t have laughed at some of the things he said, but I did. I can see why people would follow him, but he’s so sadistic and enjoys killing, you have to remind yourself this is the bad guy.



Oh god here we go. Negan’s going to pick someone to kill in exchange for them killing a lot of his men. And he’s only going to kill one person because he wants them to give him stuff. If you really think about it they’re getting off easy, but we all know it won’t be.

Negan starts pointing a bat at certain people and almost swings at Maggie who looks like death rolled over and Glenn shouts and for a second he was going to kill Glenn for doing that, but he doesn’t.

Instead he does eeny, meeny, miney, moe. I like how the camera switches the people up so you can’t just go down the line and find out where it ends.

Then…it happens.

Negan picks someone…

Who is it…

The fuck I know! We’re seeing Negan from the view of the camera. We don’t know who he picked but we watch him swing the bat numerous times. The camera goes black and we only hear the crunching of someone’s head.

And that’s it.

That’s it.

Oh man okay. This last scene was almost frame for frame from the comic. I watched the Talking Dead and I heard Scott Gimple respond to fans. Basically this was the end of the story of Rick rising high only to fall so hard and the story for next season is them dealing with the death of someone loved. But wouldn’t us seeing that person really be the last thing that breaks Rick? Throughout the episode we heard Rick give Maggie a speech about them all being together so things will work out. As the blockade continued you could see Rick get more paranoid and when they’re all on their knees he breaks. We should have seen the final tipping point…and we didn’t.

Rick loves them all but he’s going to have different reactions to each of them. If it was Carl it would be the worse, then Daryl and Michonne. We would also see everyone else react and it would get more of a reaction out of us. Most of the fans, including me, were shaking at this point! I think we would have forgiven the first 85 minutes of not much happening if we saw a major character die.

My anxiety was through the roof. It doesn’t help that I  have an anxiety disorder so I went through an anxiety attack for no resolution.

Now I’m not saying it was a bad episode. Leading up to it was great, I truly believed someone would die. I read rumors but prayed they wouldn’t be true. And they were. I kind of believe the writers/producers are scared to kill someone off. They’re not Game of Thrones, able to kill off anyone. A main character hasn’t died since Tyreese and before that Beth. For some people that didn’t give them much of a reaction so for others you could argue Hershel was the last big character death.

Overall for this season I enjoyed it the most. A lot happened. Most of the episodes were action-packed and some were funny. You could argue some filler episodes weren’t that great but going back to the Supernatural thing, try dealing with 5 episodes in a row of filler. I think The Walking Dead is mild when it comes to those.

I do feel this is like the mid-season finale. We could have ended it on a higher note, but instead had to wait how many months to see the thing most of us already knew about. This is just worse because we know a main character is dying, but have to wait 6 months. I mean, the cast has to hide all of it for that many months. We all know how it worked out with Glenn when on-set photos were seen of him and Jesus.

I think I’ve said everything I wanted to.

This isn’t going to turn me off of the show, like what some people are saying. Of course I’ll be back. I’m sure most people will be just to see who dies. But I’m excited for more Negan, for The Kingdom, and how Rick and company are going to react to a horrible death.

Until next season everyone! But stay tuned for recaps of Fear the Walking Dead.



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