Movie Quibbles: Deadpool

From the studio that inexplicably sewed his fucking mouth shut the first time comes five-time Academy Award viewer, Ryan Reynolds in an eHarmony date with destiny.


What a change up from the “norm” and boy was it needed.

Quick story time: work can screw itself because I haven’t been able to actually go to the movies since Star Wars came out, hence me not seeing it until last Wednesday when I bought it on Amazon. One of my most anticipated movies of the year two months late, oh well.

I loved this movie.

Deadpool‘s a likable enough character, sometimes coming off obnoxious or (too) crude. Personally I’m fine with it, but if starts to make me uncomfortable, then it’s going a bit too far. There will be people who enjoy every second of it and I can see where they’re coming from.

Most of you know the story: Wade Wilson‘s diagnosed with terminal cancer but out of nowhere (literally) he’s given a second chance by a man in a black suit who, as Wade puts it, comes off as a bad infomercial. However, it does spark Wade’s attention and he leaves his future wife Vanessa to go seek medical treatment.

Speaking of Vanessa, I liked her. She could easily take care of herself and connected quickly with Wade. I was a little disappointed because I knew her character from the comics was a super powerful mutant and kinda expected a twist in the movie where she reveals herself, but *spoiler, but not really* it never happened.

Her relationship with Wade for the most part was physical, constantly having sex. I would’ve liked to see more of their mental connection, but in the end, you can see how they’re good for one another.

Along the way of Deadpool’s current/flashback story, other characters are introduced, including the villain, Francis. I don’t even care if his name is Ajax, I’m calling him Francis because every time Deadpool said his name I laughed. He and his sort of side-kick, Angel, are formidable foes against Deadpool. One’s super-strong and the other can’t feel pain (or seem to die cause I swear he manages to survive every time somehow.)

Deadpool has a best friend, Weasel, who runs a bar that has its own dead pool. I liked their chemistry and honesty towards each other. I liked that Wade didn’t shy away from all the people in his life after what happened (except you Vanessa because… looks?) Some heroes run away, but he went to Weasel after the accident and trusted him to keep his secret.

Deadpool gets help from the two X-Men the studio could afford (that’s what he said, not me): Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead. Colossus is a gentle giant and Negasonic is his hero-in-training. It was strange seeing the school, but then you remember this is the same studio. Strange thinking this and X-Men are in the same universe, because even though Deadpool is a Marvel film, it doesn’t feel like it.

There’s also Dopinder, a taxi driver who takes Deadpool to the battle we see in the beginning of the movie and actually gets a spot on Deadpool’s speed dial for later. No one of the trio can fly so you gotta get around somehow and the X-Men jet isn’t exactly inconspicuous.

Francis and Angel torture Wade in horrendous ways in order for his genes to mutate and in the end, damage his body physically. Because of the torture and him now looking totally “un-fuckable” Wade wants revenge. Yeah another revenge story, but Wade wasn’t the only one. This program had a building full of people going through their own torture stories. Wade wasn’t just doing it for himself, but all those who suffered as well.

The fourth-wall breaking was one of my favorite parts of the movie. Some people compare it to Ferris Bueller, but I’ll admit, I’ve never seen it. This is my first movie that had wall-breaking like this. I enjoyed when Colossus told Wade they were going to see Professor X and Wade asked, “Steward or Mcavoy?” that had me laughing.

I can admit there are some plot holes. The ending with Vanessa makes you wonder how she survived at all and even Dopinder’s storyline ends on a cliffhanger, not sure what’s to come of him next, but it wasn’t enough to change your view on the movie.

If you’re not into the crude/swearing/nudity/gore type movies then Deadpool won’t be for you. I can see how people won’t like it. Me from, say, five years ago wouldn’t be into this. I can tell you I hate when movies are crude because they can be but I didn’t get that feeling here. It wasn’t forced, it’s who Deadpool is.

(on a side note: I’m trying to write more. My writing muscle has gone soft and needs to be worked…along with every other muscle in my body. I feel like I’ve been in some stupid block for a while, writing something then deleting it because it sounds stupid. I just said stupid twice in a sentence so that right there is your proof I need to get back into it. Some shows are ending soon for their season so that means some less pressure as for posting. I’m just starting to catch up to Daredevil so expect posts about that soon.)

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