TV Quibbles: Supernatural, “Don’t Call Me Shurley”

One hell of a reveal, eleven seasons in the making.


This may be the fastest recap I’ve ever written, but I missed parts of the Pittsburgh Penguins game to watch this episode. This episode turned my attention away from playoff hockey!

Since the beginning, even before angels were introduced, we wondered about God. Dean didn’t believe and for a while neither did I. Maybe God was created by the angels, sort-of a lie becoming so big everyone believed it even them.

The season five finale got most wondering if Chuck was God, since he never died but merely disappeared into the air. He reappeared during the show’s 200th episode after the musical, giving a nod of approval to the performance. This created more of a speculation. To me, that got me truly believing Chuck is God.

And he is. The episode doesn’t wait to tell you. Metatron is digging through the trash for food after giving what was left to a stray dog. Instantly he and the dog are in a bar, music playing in the background with no one around. He spots someone sitting in a booth with a mug that reads, “World’s Greatest Dad.” That right there said it all.

Who happens to be sitting there? Chuck. At first Metatron calls him Chuck until Chuck gives him a pair of sunglasses and reveals himself. Yes, God can only appear as himself if he allows it, explaining why none of the angels knew it was him during the two seasons he was on. This also brings into question why the amulet (AKA Samulet) never shined when around him, even though it was told it could, and Chuck just takes it out of his pocket. He can turn that on and off as well.

Metatron’s reaction is pretty priceless. He’s on his knees, praying, and even Chuck says he’s not into the whole praying thing.

So what has God been doing? Writing, creating a blog about cats, dating some girls…and guys.


The CW

This brings out a reaction in Metatron. He doesn’t understand how God (well, he only wants to be known as Chuck) could just leave. He wonders if he came back because Amara is out, but Chuck is pretty bitter towards his sister, not wanting to talk about her at all and even calls her “nothingness.”

Why is God back? He’s writing an autobiography and needs Metatron’s help.

Also he kinda wants the world to be destroyed, make a clean slate, because as we all know, humans suck and destroy everything. Yeah, we know Chuck. Amara has also destroyed worlds before (good to know.)

Metatron actually has a pretty emotional moment with Chuck, saying that he left him and the other angels after shining his light on them. It’s not just the humans praying, but the angels as well. People don’t give up, but Chuck did. This seems to shut Chuck up but he continues to write.

Meanwhile Sam and Dean are on a case. A fog entered a town, causing strange black veins (similar to that we’ve seen earlier in the season, caused by Amara.) People think negative thoughts, even if the thoughts were never really there, and end up dying. The boys automatically think it’s Amara and try to help the town but the fog overruns them.

Except Dean because you know, Amara’s freaking obsessed with Dean.

Sam eventually gets infected and tells Dean they were never going to make it and that he would choose Amara over him. Just when everything seems lost the fog disappears.

Back to Chuck and Metatron, Chuck begins to sing while Metatron reads what he has written. While the song plays Dean happens to pull out of Sam’s pocket the amulet, glowing. They walk through the town, seeing everyone be reunited and alive, and in the end see Chuck.

And what does he have to say? “We need to talk.” Yeah no shit.

A while back we were told Chuck would return and to me this was the only reason. Nearing the end of the season, the biggest threat ever has been released, something big was bound to happen. I actually remembered the date of this episode and made sure I could watch it.

It’s such a big moment for the show, always wondering where God was and why he didn’t care. We just assumed God was a dick (and he kinda is.)

You just wonder how this season will end, because most of the time the endings are huge and rarely seen coming. Could the world actually end? Or will Amara be defeated and Sam and Dean turn their attention to God Chuck?

It would be nice to see Chuck snap his fingers and make everything better. No effort from Sam and Dean, they deserve that one.



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