Book Quibbles: Rat Queens Volume 3, “Demons”

Having survived the end of the world, the Queens follow Hannah back to where it all began: Mage University. A long perilous journey awaits the Rat Queens as they attempt to find out what happened to Hannah’s father while battling their own demons.

Side note: our internet has been shit and not saving so I’ve been redoing this review and feel it’s not as good as the first time around since I’m rewriting it…apologies.

Any way.

The queens are back. Hannah is visiting her old stomping grounds at Mage University after being invited back by an old professor. Also, her father has been imprisoned after attacking this high council of mages. However, Hannah is banished from the grounds for doing something pretty bad back in the day.

I think we can all say that Hannah is the main character of the series, but everyone else seems to be thrown to the side, especially Betty. Something from her past is brought in, briefly mentioned twice, and that’s it. No one bats an eyelash except for Violet (for a second.)

Dee’s brother is introduced and it was nice seeing her interact with family, but he’s really only there to talk shit about Hannah since he went to school with her. What a coincidence a reunion is happening at the same time Hannah also came back…

Violet is there to kick ass and hang out with Betty. The two go on a sled-riding adventure and actually meet a dragon, whose name is Daniel. It was a cool scene, but didn’t add much to the story. I get that the three of them need to find things to do since Hannah is off doing her own thing, but all they are, are time wasting scenes.

In the end Hannah’s big secret is out and she doesn’t expect the queens to understand, but they do, but she still thinks they don’t…it was frustrating.

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Moving on from the actual story I wanted to talk about the artwork. I’ve always praised the artwork, but immediately you can tell something is up. Apparently the original artist got in trouble so someone new had to come in. I was not aware of this before buying the book so it was a pretty big change. Not that it’s not good, it’s great, but it’s a big change from the first two books. Each of the queens look a bit off, especially certain body parts are enlarged. Not a big deal, but a fair warning.

Overall this is still a good story, not my favorite. With Hannah’s past coming into light more time was spent on her, but I feel it’s always been that way, even when the story wasn’t about her. I’ll for sure be buying the next one, but don’t come into this with high expectations.

And because I always mention this: there is swearing, nudity, and gore, for those who need to know that.



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