Book Quibbles: Zodiac Starforce, “By the Power of Astra”

An elite group of teenage girls with magical powers have sworn to protect our planet against dark creatures . . . as long as they can get out of class!

I discovered this comic months ago on Tumblr as people promoted it. For a while it left my mind until two weeks before it came out and I preordered. Needless to say I got excited.

Based off of the Zodiac signs, Zodiac Starforce is made up of four girls, each representing one. You have Gemini (the leader and being a Gemini,  yeah that makes sense) AKA Emma, Taurus AKA Kim, Pisces AKA Savannah, and Aries AKA Molly.

All girls go to the same high school and years ago they were granted with the powers by the Goddess, Astra. Now that they’re older, and the monster fights have pretty much dissipated, all they really have to worry about are Biology tests and relationship problems.

However, these things can’t stay away forever.

After Emma is attacked during a study session, the girls start to realize something is up and the team reunites to uncover the evil lurking in the hallways and the creepy girl following them around during each fight.


zodiac starforce

Like I said, I got excited for this comic pretty early and it didn’t disappointed. After getting into Outcast, it’s nice to read/look at something cheerful. The artwork is amazing and colorful. Each character has her own personality and being a team of four, you need to distinquish one from the other. Sure you may end up with a favorite but everyone is likable.



What I enjoyed is how each sign’s armor/weaponry is based off their signs. Example being Kim, who is Taurus the Bull, and she has a forcefield that is like armor, but she also uses the Bull to ram people.

There’s a nice mixture of fighting along with the regular problems high schoolers deal with. Like bully Diana who has it out for the girls or Lily, the quiet one that grabs Savannah’s attention.


Genuinely enjoyed this comic and can’t wait for the next. Highly recommend it, unless you’re not into the YA genre, but even this looks over the usual tropes. It deals with friendship, death, and the stress of being a teen.


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