TV Quibbles: The 100, Season 3

Despite Clarke being gone for months, Arkadia is thriving and continuing their search for survivors of the Ark and…Clarke, until an unseen threat moves its way into camp, while an arrogant leader tries to start a war with the Grounders.

Because I recapped each episode for International Geek Girls I decided to just do an overall season review when the season ended. Then work got hectic and every time I tried to start a post, it got deleted. Because I hated them all.

Here I go again.

I realize lots of people get caught up on the 100 via Netflix so hopefully this is more relevant to them than those watching each episode per week. But this will start spoiler free then I’ll get into some points that I either enjoyed or annoyed the shit out of me.

Clexa hearts prepare yourselves because Clarke and Lexa are reunited. Don’t fret Bellarke shippers, you get your time too.

As we know Clarke has better things to worry about, like trying to survive a hoard of Grounders after her head. What she did in the Mountain didn’t stay quiet, but I guess the part where Bellamy and Monty helped did since Clarke gets most of the shit for the massacre.

Jaha’s strange meeting from last episode continues to get a little more confusing until the season progresses and we finally get some answers…after the first “antagonist” of the season makes his mark. And his name is Charles Pike. Oh prepare yourselves for this one. You know those antagonists who have their reason for doing things but it’s just not that convincing and they have no character other than being vengeful tyrants? That’s Pike.

Despite Lexa leaving Clarke on the Mountain, her people have remained peaceful for the most part, except for the Ice Nation who are making their first appearance in the show.

There will be parts that will piss off the fans, and it did to me. Prepare yourselves for death, death, and more death.

Overall I enjoyed this season. Unlike Heroes Reborn that has me straining to write a recap each week, I couldn’t wait to talk about the episode and speculations on how the season will end. There are a few slow episodes, which are bound to happen, but for the most part I was invested each week.

*moving onto major spoilers*

Goddamn there’s one person who annoyed the shit out of me and I complained about him every week.


Okay Jasper, you lost your five day girlfriend, you can stop moping about it? He’s not over Maya’s death and he takes it out on everyone and drinks himself to sleep every night. Ignores Bellamy? Treats Monty like shit? Brings up Clarke killing Finn? Yeah it’s like every episode he’s in. You just want to tell him to get the hell over it.

Moving on from that to another bad character development: Bellamy.

Bellamy also had a three day relationship (well that’s what we saw of it.) Gina seemed nice, but she was killed off not long after and that started Bellamy’s quest for revenge.

It did make me laugh that despite having his girlfriend, Clarke still took up most of Bellamy’s concerns. Just within the first few episodes Bellarke shippers will be in a frenzy over Bellamy going after Clarke.

I was one of them.

They’re building up to those two that’s for sure, but Clarke and Lexa are a thing now.

Last season didn’t really convince me they had a thing going. Lexa’s kiss seemed to come out of nowhere, especially after Clarke just losing Finn. This time gave them more time to bond and grow a connection and after a while I believed they cared for each other. They finally did it…only for Lexa to die.

What a sucky death, only for us to learn about the AI residing in her body. I get WHY, as a writer I get it. I also get it because the actress moved onto bigger things (i.e. Fear the Walking Dead) but her death sucked. An accidental bullet? Seriously? She couldn’t go out fighting. Thankfully the very last episode showed her doing just that and that’s what I wanted to see.

Then there’s Lincoln who, along with half of Arkadia, tried to conspire against Pike. He gave himself up to save his people and damn did I bawl during that whole scene. Octavia watches from the distance as Pike puts a bullet in his head and for what reason? For trying to stop a war, for trying to gain the respect his people deserve.

You know what, Pike’s death just seems that much sweeter.

Finally to the season’s main antagonist: ALIE, the AI. I liked learning her backstory and how it corresponds to the Grounders customs. How the next Commander is chosen and that their memories are stored so the next Commander can actually hear the past Commanders talking to them.

ALIE did get pretty annoying after a while. She manipulated 90% of the characters, you didn’t know who to trust anymore. All because she wanted to take people away from pain and have a perfect paradise.

Not a bad motivation, but then you learn she’s the bad AI and tortured people into following her so she needed to go, but not before she set up the problem for next season: remember how a nuclear war killed the earth the first time? Well nuclear plants are melting down and they only have 6 months until most of them are dead, including those from the Ark. Clarke had to make the tough decision to save her people from ALIE, but those plants are still melting.

I loved Clarke’s final line to ALIE, “You don’t ease pain. You overcome it. And we will.” Reminding us the 100 can get through the end of the world over and over again, mentally and physically, together.

Like I said, I enjoyed this season. Pike was weak, Bellamy was weak, Jasper pissed me off, and the Ice Queen…oh yeah the Ice Queen happened. Well that goes to show how much of an impact she had on me.

Very interested for next season and how they’re going to get through this one. This isn’t a person, or a group of people, or even an AI. This is a force that I’m not sure they can handle.


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