TV Quibbles: Top 6 Episodes of Legend of Korra

The successor to Avatar: the Last Airbender, Legend of Korra connected to an entirely different age group, being more mature and dealing with an older Avatar. Although some have their disappointments, Korra managed to connected to an array of people.

These episodes are my personal opinion. I believe episodes relate to everyone differently and everyone has their reasons for their favorites. Here are mine.

1.) Korra Alone

I can’t decide who I prefer: Aang or Korra. However this episode connected me to Korra in a way not many characters have. Three years after the season three finale we expected Korra to be fighting enemies and living a wonderful life in Republic City with her friends.

The toll her fight with Zaheer took became too much and Korra spent three years dealing with the aftermath. The time it took her just to walk again didn’t compare to the depression. Korra wasn’t the same. Of course we find out there’s still metal in her causing her bending to be weaker, but mentally she wasn’t there.


Many people deal with mental illnesses and for some it can take years to get through it. Korra is someone people can look up to and know, know matter how hard the fight and even if you do win, it doesn’t mean moving on.


What makes it even better is Korra finding Toph, who recognizes her Avatar spirit and calls her twinkle toes.

2.) Beginnings Parts 1 & 2

Yes I’m counting this as one.

To me a question always sat in the back of my mind through both shows: how did the Avatar start? Well when Korra is attacked by a dark spirit she has to connect to the first Avatar, Avatar Wan (voiced by Stephen Yuen, an excitement for me.) With this we learn how bending started, why Lion Turtles are important, and where the ability to bend four elements come from.

One of my favorite parts of both shows is when Wan and Raava connect during Harmonic Convergence and he becomes the Avatar.


3.) Venom of the Red Lotus

Going back to #1, this is the final fight between Korra and Zaheer, and the reason she went through all those bad years. Personally my favorite season, from reintroducing the airbenders then the threat of the Red Lotus being one of the biggest, it doesn’t disappoint.

Even with metal in her, Korra is able to defeat Zaheer with help from the airbenders. The strength Korra shows throughout it all puts her at the top for one of the best fighters.


But what struck the most is the ending. Jinora becomes a master and while it’s a celebratory day, Korra sits off to the side crying.

4. A New Spiritual Age

Korra’s first time in the Spirit World. Just as expected it’s as weird and amazing as the spirits who inhabit it. She and Jinora plan on traveling to the Southern Water Tribe to close the portal but are separated. Jinora ends up at Wan Shi Tong’s Library and Korra gets lost, reverting to her younger self, and ends up running into Iroh.


I couldn’t be happier to see anyone. Of course he’s in the Spirit World. Of course he drinks tea all the time and helps those lost find their way. Korra learns more about herself and the spirits, which allows her to view them differently than just her enemies.


5. Endgame

A season of Korra trying to airbend finally ending with her accomplishing just that as she loses the rest of her bending. The stakes are high from the start when we see Tenzin and family captured. After Korra loses her bending and Mako is ready to be next, she unlocks airbending and exposes Amon for a fraud. In a rather grim end, Amon blows up the boat he and his brother Tarrlock escape in.

Just when Korra thinks she’ll never bend the remaining elements again she’s greeted by Aang, as she finally connected to her past lives, and her bending is restored.


6. The Last Stand

This is where it all ends. Although I wouldn’t say Kuvira struck me as a great antagonist, the threat she posed by ignoring the constant voices about the spirit vines could cost the lives of everyone in Republic City.

It also brought one of my favorite Korra moves. Metalbending isn’t Korra’s strong suit but she’s the first Avatar to do so and proved to match Kuvira in a fight.


When all is said and done and Varrick and Zhu Li get married, loose ends are tied, and the future looks bright for the Avatar. Especially her future with Asami.

This being on the list does make me a bit biased because of Korra and Asami and how much I like their relationship.


Honorable Mentions

  1. Out of the Past
  2. Darkness Falls
  3. The Metal Clan
  4. The Calling


A show I didn’t expect to like, Legend of Korra spoke to an older generation of Avatar: the  Last Airbender fans. To me, when Korra deal with the aftermath of battle, she became one of my favorite characters.

What are yours?


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