Book Quibbles: Fables-Legends in Exile

When a savage creature known only as the Adversary conquered the fabled lands of legends and fairy tales, all of the infamous inhabitants of folklore were forced into exile. In this volume Snow White is on the search for her supposed dead sister, Rose Red.


The series started in 2002 and won 14 Eisner Awards. I didn’t know any of this when I bought the book, but merely wanted to hear another version of the fairy tales we can all recite by heart at this point. There are plenty out there from shows like Once Upon a Time and Grim to The Lunar Chronicles. Despite the many interpretations many want to revisit the stories they grew up on but in a different universe.


Fictional Land New York City

In Fabletown, fairy tale legends live alongside New Yorkers aka “mundys.” These characters lived for a long time, going from their original concept to modern-day. Snow White is the mayor’s deputy. The Big Bad Wolf or Mister Wolf is the sheriff Together they’re the only ones who can find Snow’s sister Rose Red after a party turns bloody. Having so many past and present lovers, it causes more stress for Snow and Mister Wolf in the hopes of finding her time.


In the meantime an event known as Remembrance Day is upon Fabletown.

Modern Characters

As if her sister missing isn’t enough, Snow White’s ex-husband Prince Charming is in town, who she divorced for sleeping with her sister.

Of course there are other characters, like Beauty and the Beast dealing with marital problems and trying to purchase a piece of land most of the other royalties are after.

The bulk of the book is focused on Snow White and Mister Wolf trying to solve the case while building tension. It’s one of those will they, won’t they situations, but their rocky relationship adds to something that is regularly considered cliché.


Remembrance Day

Briefly, before the characters moved to Fabletown, they lived in their separate worlds tuned to the stories we know them best. All went well until a creature known as the Adversary attacked the kingdoms. After many years of running they settled in New York, a place the Adversary couldn’t reach.


I have such an admiration for illustrators. With so many characters they could become blurry and hard to pick a part, but each of them has their own specific design. Just as important, the settings around them play a big part, being in New York there’s a lot going on.



Fables is a mystery intertwined with modern fairy tales. You’ll spend the time cracking the case alongside Snow and Mister Wolf. Although the twist isn’t as big as you’d think, hell you might figure it out in the beginning, the journey to get there is a fun one.

Snow and Mister Wolf’s building relationship is setting up for more in the future that I’m excited to see.

In the end I recommend Fables for anyone interested in modern fairy tales or a good story in general. And if there’s one thing everyone can enjoy its the amazing artwork.


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