TV Quibbles: Voltron Legendary Defender Season 3

Two sides of the war try to regroup after the fall of their leaders. With no Shiro can Voltron form again? With no Zarkon can the Galra continue their raid on the universe?

Shir-no More

Although the time length between defeating Zarkon and the beginning of the season isn’t said, the Paladins are still searching for Shiro after his disappearance. Keith isn’t willing to give up easy but Allura believes it’s time to find someone else to pilot the Black Lion.

Shiro wanted Keith to take over but he doesn’t feel he deserves it. He doesn’t want to be the leader, but without Shiro, Voltron still needs to exist to bring hope to the universe. Allura is trying to form an alliance with the other civilizations and all seems to be going well after news of Voltron’s win spreads. Voltron being the key word. They all want to get behind Voltron.



With Zarkon comatose the rest of the Galra want to know who will lead. Word spreads Zarkon’s son, Prince Lotor is taking over. He proves himself in a battle against another Galra, telling them he wants as many allies as possible, and they shouldn’t be suppressing others, but rising them up.


I have to admit, upon first meeting Prince Lotor my expectations shot up. Maybe he’s not like his father. Maybe he’s actually a rebel. Maybe I’m deceived too easy.

Now that’s not to say Prince Lotor isn’t decent in some ways. He’s clearly only half-Galra and fights alongside other half-breeds like his four women generals: Acxa, Narti, Ezor, and Zethrid. He does want to form allies and grow his ranks.


However, for most of the episodes I couldn’t read Prince Lotor. What are his plans? Nothing is revealed until the final episode and his plans are brought into light. Who knows, maybe it’s a double deception and he’s trying to save the universe.

What to Expect

Being only seven episodes, it’s a quick watch. However, season 4 AKA season 3, part 2 is out in October. Why Netflix just didn’t release all the episodes like every other show, I don’t know. The cliff-hanger is a big one and will want you wanting more.

Change is imminent with Shiro being gone. New Paladins take over the lions and for a while it’s weird. No, this isn’t supposed to be like that. I want Shiro back. All thoughts that will come up within the first few episodes.


Like I said, it’s a short watch, but that means no time for filler episodes. Things move along quickly and questions are answered as fast as they are asked.

Likes and Dislikes

The bond between the Paladins is evident as Shiro is missing. Despite their leader gone, they still come together and put aside differences for the sake of the universe. They work off one another well and friendships get even stronger. Not that’s it a BIG surprise, Keith takes over the Black Lion, but who will pilot the Red Lion?


At first Lance isn’t happy about Keith taking over but excepts the reality. When this happens he is now the Red Lion pilot, Keith’s right-hand man, and became that when he accepted Keith. A rocky relationship finally forming into something.

Then there’s Pidge, still looking for her brother, and basically saving the day. She seems to be influencing Hunk because it could just be me, but he seems to be getting smarter? I don’t mean that as an insult but he’s come a far way as just “comic relief.”

With new characters and more time spent on the changes within the lions, it feels as if some characters fall behind. Coran didn’t get enough screen time this round. It wasn’t until the last episode when he tells the history of Voltron I realized how much I missed him all season. Of course he gets his time, but not like we’re used to.

Cliff Hanger

The final episode is arguably the best. We learn the history of Voltron and the original Paladins. How did Zarkon and King Alfor go from trusted friends to Zarkon consumed with taking over the galaxy? It even goes as far as to letting us know who Haggar is and why she is what she is, since Allura recognized her as being Altean.

I wanted more, like a season dedicated to the original Paladins. I wanted to see them go from five people fighting in battle together to close enough friends to form Voltron on the first go. To having so much trust in one another it hurts you as the viewer when Zarkon betrays them.



If you have a free afternoon, you’ll get through the season in under four hours, but it’s a good one. Each episode gets you one step closer to the truth behind Prince Lotor’s plan, as well as the reveal of Shiro and what happened to him.


On the downside being so short, it’s not as much screen time for other characters, and there’s a lot to take in. Hopefully it picks back up in October and the fight against the Galra continues to be on the side of Voltron.


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