Top 6: Harry Potter Characters

Seven books and eight movies later, each of us gravitated towards different characters for different reasons.

This idea started as my overall favorite fictional characters, however after going through a list of just a few shows and realizing it will be far too hard, probably impossible, to choose out of all fictional works I follow I decided to narrow it down to each one individually.


And before I start these are my personal favorites.

1.) Hermione Granger

I’m lucky I grew up with a strong female character to admire. Someone who doesn’t take shit, sticks up for the little guy, and is proud to be an intelligent person. Each book shows Philosopher Stone would be the only installment if Hermione didn’t exist.

More scared of losing her opportunity to study at a wizarding school than her own life, over time Hermione grew more courageous and even went as far as using advanced spells within the school. Not much is needed to be said about Hermione and her loyalty towards Harry. The slow progression of her relationship with Ron worked great as we got to connect to Hermione as a character and not care if she’s with someone.

From advocating for house elves to punching entitled pricks, Hermione is clearly the brightest witch of any age.


2.) Remus Lupin

I have the weirdest liking towards werewolves. Don’t know why or how it started, but needless to say when I read the third book/watched the movie I instantly liked Remus. Not just for that part. He’s a teacher we all want. He cares about his students and has fun lessons to get them involved while preparing them for the outside world.

This is a list of my favorite characters so I will not get into, as I call it, the “Great Snape Debate.” However…the fact that Remus is exposed for being a werewolf and knows he’ll lose a job for it infuriates me. All for a personal vendetta Remus had little to do with.

Remus is a smart character with a fighting spirit. Everyone wants him to be their teacher and being a werewolf should make it even cooler. He lost his life fighting and in the end, this is what he’ll be remembered for.


3.) Luna Lovegood

My dog is named after Luna. Enough said.

Luna is such an eccentric character who doesn’t give a shit about what others think. Even after losing her mom she never stopped caring about others and creatures many might see as scary. Because of this she connects to Harry in a way no one else has up to this point.

Like Hermione you see Luna become more courageous while also becoming a better witch. She’s one of the few wizards to conjure a Patronus while only being in her fourth year. She’s all for new experiences and believing in what many deem impossible. Luna allows us to be ourselves in a world telling us not to be.


4.) Harry Potter

Weird I finally got to Harry in his story, but I think great supporting characters make the protagonist. Without any of these people Harry wouldn’t live past book one.

Like I said he’s the main character and although he shouldn’t be likable, he should be interesting. A tragic past and torturous bringing-up allows us to feel for him, but Harry doesn’t care. He doesn’t use this as an excuse or to get nice things. Harry works for everything in his life. He’s willing to sacrifice himself to save everyone.

Although he goes through his angsty stage, and he’s a teenager we should expect that, he doesn’t want anyone taking the fall for him. As far as main characters go, Harry is  likable, hard-working, and one of the more talented wizards.


5.) Rubeus Hagrid

I am all for Harry naming one of children after Hagrid. Hagrid never wanted anything in return for being a genuinely kind person. He cares about the creatures of the world and spoke one of my favorite lines, “Seriously misunderstood creatures, spiders are.” It sticks with me to this day. I love he doesn’t care about the stigma behind them, he just wants people to learn.

One of the people who consistently stayed in Harry’s life and supported him through it all. Come on, he met Harry once after he was born and even made a cake for him. We all want a Hagrid in our lives.


6.) Ron Weasley

I realize movie Ron got a lot of shit and didn’t get to portray the true loyalty between Ron and Harry. Always by Harry’s side, bringing him into his family from the start. I always think the first movie is the best at showing Ron and how much he cares, even after just meeting Harry. Sometimes Ron is just seen as a comic relief, but he has something to prove.

His best friend is Harry Potter, the girl he likes is the brightest witch in the school, his siblings each have something that allows them to stand out. He just wants to have his “thing.” It’s easy to assume he can become jealous of Harry, but never does (we blame Voldemort for that one time.) Ron is a true friend each of us should have.


Honorable Mentions

  1. Sirius Black
  2. Minerva McGonagall
  3. Fred and George Weasley
  4. Neville Longbottom
  5. Ginny Weasley


I seem to attract to characters who know who they are and don’t want to change for anyone’s standards. Characters who have something to stand up for while being caring and a good person. Even if they aren’t always good and are questionable, that makes them even more real.

Who are your favorite Harry Potter characters?












5 thoughts on “Top 6: Harry Potter Characters

  1. Everydaylifegirl says:

    Ah, this made me feel so nostalgic! I really was obsessed with Harry Potter growing up and I remember looking forward to going home from school and watching it 🙂 Especially the relationship between Hermoine and Ron made me always want to have someone 😛 All of these characters were outstanding! Truly will never be forgotten 🙂 Loved this blog post!

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