Unboxing: FanMail August 2017, “Leading Ladies”

The women in our lives who remind us how important family is, to always be a dragon, and to keep our dreams in mind. This box is a tribute to them.

The five women the box is paying tribute to range from Orphan Black to Moana. What I love about FanMail boxes is the diversity amongst the overall theme. You never know what you’re going to get.
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“Moana” T-Shirt


Each box includes a unique T-Shirt and this one doesn’t disappoint. I like shirts, specifically Disney, that highlight the feel of the movie/show without being too “loud.” No big pictures of the characters (not that I would mind in this case.) The smallest details make this design.

“Wonder Woman” Umbrella


The drawing on the umbrella is depicted from DC’s Bombshells which is a universe in which female superheroes are involved in World War II and have a “retro” look to them. I love this look and can’t wait for it to start raining again.

“Daenerys Targaryen” Coaster Set


Can’t go wrong with coasters, especially if they have the Mother of Dragon’s face on them. Now I don’t use coasters all that often, but may have to after receiving these. The Targaryen colors around the edges give it more personality than just the pictures printed on.

“Orphan Black” Sestrahood Bracelet


This bracelet is actually created by FanMail, another small tidbit I like about the boxes. Although I haven’t caught up on Orphan Black I do like the DNA strand most of all. Now it is a bit noisy when they clang together but it’s one of a kind.

“His Dark Materials” Alethiometer Necklace


Another creation FanMail is a part of, on the outside it looks like a pocket watch. On the inside it’s more like a compass. I’ll be honest I haven’t read this series and the necklace doesn’t have that impact like the other items in the box. However that’s what I like about these boxes. It gets me interested in new books/shows and I’ll for sure be getting the first book. If you are a fan no doubt you’ll love this.

Information Card



Most boxes come with a card with information regarding the box and what’s inside. FanMail has to be my favorite. Not only do you know what you’re getting and who made it, but it includes upcoming books/shows/movies, along with the theme for the next box.

The front is decorative and always finds a place on the wall. The back truly is full of information for geeks alike to use.



You receive a FanMail box every other month for only $21.99 ($23.99 for larger shirt sizes.) I can never complain about these boxes. You get what you pay for and more. Us fangirls finally have something that embraces our gender while paying homage to what we love. A great mixture of both.

I’m by far looking forward to October’s theme the most: Witches.


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