Movie Quibbles: IT

Seven young outcasts in Derry, Maine are about to face their worst nightmare — an ancient, shape-shifting evil that emerges from the sewer every 27 years to prey on the town’s children.

I watched my fair amount of Stephen King movies at a young age, resulting in the following years of the continuous question, “Was that a real thing?” The one single thing that stuck with me to this day is Pennywise. Thank you Tim Curry. Also, thank you mom.



One more note: I never read the book, but it’s on my to-do list. I say this because I won’t be comparing the movie to the book, just the mini-series from time-to-time.


If you aren’t aware of the story, the death of Bill’s little brother Georgie sets off the story of Pennywise the clown terrorizing the town of Derry. Along with Bill, six other kids are witness to Pennywise and his capabilities. Bill, Beverly, Ben, Eddie, Richie, Stan, and Mike join together to finally end Pennywise.

Meanwhile each of them are dealing with their own problems whether it be bullies, an abusive father, an overbearing mother, or just as simple as being the new kid. Pennywise uses their weaknesses against them, creating their greatest fears, and feeding off it.

Not-So Scariest Movie

If you walk into this movie expecting to be terrified then you’ll be disappointed. I realize people have different tolerance levels of fear, but coming from someone who doesn’t like the horror genre all that much, I never got “scared.”

There are plenty of creepy and disturbing scenes. The very first ten minutes with Georgie made me turn away. It’s hard to watch and I’ll leave it at that. However, afterwards it’s more along the lines of creepy imagery with a few jump scares but nothing over the top. Even the original mini series didn’t scare. The movie is about this group of kids facing their fears and trying to rid the world of Pennywise once and for all.

Lucky Seven

It’s a rare movie when you get pretty damn good kid actors. Each of them are great with for their own reasons. The movie does focus on some more than others but watching their bond grow is plenty of reason for Pennywise to fear them.

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Digital Spy


The chemistry is there. They act like kids and pick on one another while caring. They swear, tell perverted jokes, and are going through puberty. They’re believable kids and I liked every one of them. They’ll make you laugh and cry.

Now some get more screen time than others. You can argue Bill is the main character with the story focusing on him the most, but we learn about each of them along with their fears. They’re the shining stars of the movie with Pennywise right behind.


This damn clown.

100 points to Bill Skarsgard and his interpretation of Pennywise. It’s different from Tim Curry, so if you enjoyed him then you can enjoy both in their own ways. He has this high-pitched voice that attracts the kids, right before his mouth turns into a set of jaws and bites arms off.

It_08312016_Day 46_11374.dng


He’s also a prick. Pennywise feeds off fear. He basically tortures these kids until they get to the point where they’re so scared he can eat them. In the mean time he follows them around, turning into zombies and dead children, and luring kids to him.

Pet Peeves

I really liked this movie, but there’s just those small things that nag at the back of your mind. It’s amazing how many times these kids say they have to stay together and right afterwards, split up. Guys, you are stronger together. Stay together.

Henry is the bully who torments every kid in Derry. I realize he plays a part in the story that will come more into play during the second part, but I never liked the character, even in the mini series. He’s so one-dimensional and becomes more of an annoyance than Pennywise. At least Pennywise wants to eat. Henry’s just a dick.


Would I recommend taking your ten-year old? I’m saying this because of the amount of children in the audience. I couldn’t believe it. The opening scene alone will traumatize them. In conclusion, don’t take your ten year old.

It never gets too gruesome. The worst is by far Georgie’s death, after that there’s no decapitations, for example. The kids get cut and bruised up. If you’re not good with violence towards children, be warned.

The movie overall is a fun one. It’s fun watching the kids get closer and deal with their own problems while taking on a killer clown. Pennywise is creepy and lives up to his reputation. Although IT isn’t the scariest movie you’ll watch, you’ll still be on the edge of your seating hoping the kids make it out alive.



3 thoughts on “Movie Quibbles: IT

  1. Britney says:

    I love the original IT, and I really loved this one as well. I wouldn’t say I like it more than the 1990 version, but I at least like it on the same level. I thought this version of Pennywise was amazing, and I think I might like it even more than Tim Curry’s version.

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