Unboxing: Lit-Cube September 2017, “Apple & Spice & Everything Nice” + Fall Tag

As the leaves dip themselves in an orange and red coating the wind gets chillier and the bugs finally start to go away. What better way to bring in everyone’s favorite season than with this cozy box.

“Apple & Spice & Everything Nice” is a box dedicated to the fall season. Not only does it come with a book (obviously) but a theme of candles and apple surrounding it.

The Simplicity of Cider by Amy E. Reichert

Fall in love with The Simplicity of Cider, the charming new novel about a prickly but gifted cider-maker whose quiet life is interrupted by the arrival of a handsome man and his young son at her family’s careworn orchard.


I can’t say this is the normal genre of book I read, but then again I said that about the Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue so you never know. I think the cover is adorable and will be putting it on my reading list.

Fingerless Gloves

Oh I love fingerless gloves and have crocheted some myself. They’re soft, can go with almost anything, and may be my favorite item of the box.


Apple Cider Lip Balm

It tastes like apple. Lip balms are something I should use more and is a daily regimen I start to try but end up forgetting. With this tin being tiny it’ll be easier to carry around. Made by the Black Tie Market.


Novelly Yours Candle

Apple Cinnamon Donuts. If you get one thing for yourself from this box make this candle it. The apple comes through more than anything but the subtle hint of donut makes the whole thing.


Gluten Free Apple Chips

I must admit this is the first picture I took just so I could eat the chips. I like when they’re partially hard but softer on the inside and these fit those criteria. Bare Snacks is the maker if you care to check them out.



I’m pleasantly surprised by this box as I wasn’t sure what would come in it based on the theme. In the end I love everything that came and it’s getting me in the mood for craft show season.


Falling For Fall Tag



I was tagged by Love Megan Anne whom you should check out! Feel free to do the tag as well.

1.) What is your favorite Fall scent? Pumpkin almost anything but I also like apple cinnamon.
2.) Do you prefer apple stuff or pumpkin stuff? Ah referring to the last question I might choose apple. I like eating pumpkin more but prefer the smell of apple.
3.) What is one thing that you look forward to every single fall? Craft shows and returning TV. I know craft shows take place all year round but when it happens in the fall they’re more enjoyable with the leaves changing and fall crafts.
4.) How do you like to spend the more chilly/cloudy days in the fall? I’m usually inside. I’d like to get out and walk my dog more.
5.) Which do you prefer: Halloween or Thanksgiving? Probably Thanksgiving. I like Halloween but I don’t get really into it. Not a horror fan but I like the decorations.
6.) What is one way you do to embrace the Fall season? Putting out pumpkins real and fake and hanging up lights in my room. Also mums.
7.) What photos would you like to get this Fall season? I would like to take pictures at craft shows more.
8.) Favorite childhood memory from this season? Visiting my family in Maryland and going to a craft show down there. We used to go almost every year since I was little and I looked forward to it every year. Miss the food.
9.) What is your favorite trend (fashion/makeup/etc) so far this season? I’m really into boots and jackets like denim or bomber. I don’t really follow trends but just the overall fashion of the season.
10.) Describe what the Fall weather really looks like where you live. At the moment? It’s 80 degrees, it hasn’t rained in a while so the grass is brown, and the leaves are slowly changing. Sometimes it gets cool by now, sometimes I’m going to craft shows in shorts. Usually by mid-October the weather stays cool.


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