Top 6: Halloween Disney Channel Original Movies

From witches to ghosts, and aliens we grew up waiting each week for a new Disney Channel original movie. Some stick with us to this day as a tradition to watch every Halloween.

Not all of these are particularly Halloween-theme related but deal with the supernatural and created a lasting impression. These are my personal favorites.



1.) Halloweentown

Who dedicates time to re-watching Halloweentown every October? Or let’s be honest, any time during the year. It’s a timeless movie that stuck with people since it’s release. Witches and magic along with a world made-up of Halloween everything makes us wish we could be there as well.



2.) Don’t Look Under the Bed

One of the few movies on this list that scared little me, at least for a while. The concept of an imaginary friend long forgotten turning into a boogeyman who lives under the bed. The progression of the imaginary friend the main character follows as he slowly becomes a boogeyman did something to little me and still hits its mark today.



3.) Twitches

A modern witch story involving twin sisters who learn they are witches. They grew up in different ways of life without knowing the other existed, like most movies with this idea, but the fact that they have their own skill set with writing and drawing one another makes it more interesting. The girls are likable and the movie is darker than expected.



4.) Can of Worms

For years I didn’t know if this movie existed or I dreamt it. The main character believes he’s an alien resulting in an abundance of other aliens to visit earth while also dealing with a threat. The design of the aliens, while creative, are also a bit creepy.



5.) The Scream Team

Two kids must not only deal with the death of their grandfather but the fact that there is a malevolent spirit capturing souls in order to gain power. The Soul Patrol are a trio of ghosts who search for lost souls in order to help them crossover to the afterlife. It’s an interesting ride learning about their version of spirits and the villain poses a true threat.



6.) Mom’s Got a Date With a Vampire

One of the more memorable movies on this list, the title says it all. Three kids try to rescue their mom who is on a date with a vampire. Despite being a kids movie it’s full of tension as their mom’s date uses his abilities to outsmart the kids.


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Honorable Mentions

  • Halloweentown 2
  • Phantom of the Megaplex
  • Halloweentown High
  • Under Wraps

What are your favorite Halloween Disney movies?


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