Unboxing: October 2017 Lootcrate “Mythical”

There are things in this world beyond what science has explained. You hear the stories, the whispers, of creatures and beings beyond imagination…

This crate is right up my alley. I admit I’ll skip Lootcrates if there’s certain items I don’t relate to; mainly being fandoms I’m not apart of. “Mythical” caters to the supernatural world with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Ghostbusters, and more.

Box Itself: Mjöllnir

I love turning an ordinary box into something else. And I hate wasting all the boxes I get.


Ghostbusters Tee

I love this design. The original is great enough but by adding an 80’s vibe, it gives it more life and allows the shirt to pop.


Eleven vs the Demogorgon

Should I admire how cute the figure is or be sad because it’s a sad scene? By the way, Eleven can be turned to face the Demogorgon. I just placed her that way for a better view.


*Dustin and Mike not included*

Thor vs Loki

These are part of Lootcrate’s PhatMojo line. Again, adorable figures which you have to put together.


Buffy Bookmark

It’s actually wooden and doesn’t just appear so. Mr. Pointy may do some damage if you’re not careful but I love bookmarks and there are not many I’m disappointed to get.


Dracula Pin

Another pin to add to the collection. It’s detailed and a bit creepy.



Lootcrate may be the cheapest crate you can get while also getting fun and quality items (under $20 when you include shipping.) I like that I can skip a month or two so I don’t waste items. However every item in this crate is part of a fandom I like or really like. The shirts always have a creative design and collecting the pins are one of my favorite parts of receiving one.


Last note

The book I have the bookmark in is You Are a Badass which I’m currently reading and loving so far.

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