Fighters in Fiction: Steve Harrington

“Faberge. It’s Faberge Organics. The shampoo and the conditioner, then when it’s damp, not wet, damp, you do four puffs of the Farrah Fawcett spray.”

If you told me a year ago I’d be writing a solo post about Steve Harrington I’d laugh in your face. Not that I hated Steve during the first season of Stranger Things, but he wasn’t my favorite character. And after watching the second season, here we are.



*also spoilers for season one and two of Stranger Things*

King Steve

We don’t know much about Steve at first, except notorious for messing around with girls and considered one of the “popular” kids in Hawkins. When Barb tells Nancy all Steve wants to do is get in her pants I expected Steve to be just that. Someone to get in the way while Nancy searches for Barb. But Steve’s character took a turn.

Steve slowly progressed into a better person during the first season. In small bits Steve started to care about Nancy, actually helping her with homework when she didn’t just want to make out or telling the police about Barb despite his parents getting mad. Still Steve’s not perfect. He bullied Jonathan and rushed into thinking Nancy and Jonathan had a thing instead of asking her.

I just want to mention he did have enablers around him, pushing him into doing things and making fun of people. High school boys are stupid and they want to impress their friends. I’m not saying that’s an excuse for being a dick to Jonathan or Nancy but it contributed to his actions and in the end he realized he didn’t want to be around them anymore.

Steve’s character developed started when he stood up to his friends and helped clean up the vandalization of the movie theater, but truly came into light when he went back in the house as the Demogorgon attacked, and saved Nancy and Jonathan.



King Steve Version 2.0

There may be a new king when Billy comes to school, but the fans saw Steve as king in their hearts. Not only did Steve stop hanging around enablers but is in a good relationship with Nancy. Or he thinks so. Sure Steve is putting up a front, not wanting to let people know about what happened, but that’s how everyone is acting. That’s what they have to do, legally.



Not as much as Dominoes. Heh.

Steve may be heart-broken when Nancy doesn’t say she loves him after getting drunk but the repair comes in the name of Dustin.

Damn Good Babysitter

I’m glad they split Nancy and Steve, at least for a while. This allowed us to get to know Steve without him just being involved in a relationship. He’s actually great with kids and grew a bond with Dustin, who also went through some heart-break. It’s a partnership we didn’t know we needed.

Steve became dedicated to the cause, putting his life on the line numerous times to keep the kids safe. Steve literally became a single mom.



Even after getting hit over the head with a plate, he follows the kids into the hole and fights off the demo-dogs. And in the end he’s driving Dustin to the Snowball and giving him great hair advice. He might have lost Nancy, but gained Dustin.



Mature Steve

There’s one part near the end of season two when everyone is together, Eleven is back, and the plan is set. Steve and Nancy have some alone time together and instead of Steve becoming defensive, yelling at Nancy about her clear “thing” with Jonathan, he tells her to go as he stays behind to keep the kids safe.



That part showed Steve’s development in not just his character, but becoming mature. He’s able to put aside a side that’s probably jealous and angry and realizes Nancy’s happier with Jonathan. The very end when he sees her at the Snowball hurts. Steve’s still hurting but, hopefully, he’ll move on.


I watched “Beyond Stranger Things” and the Duffer Brothers explained they needed Steve to do something this season other than moping in his room over Nancy. When they put him and Dustin together a pairing formed no one knew they needed. Or that the characters knew they needed. He became a better, stronger character away from just being a love interest and developed into a fan favorite.



I for one can’t wait for the third season to see what more Steve can bring to the table. Maybe Netflix can make a spin-off of just Steve and Dustin hanging out while Steve gives Dustin some not-so-great advice about dating and hair products.



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