The Autumn Tag

TV shows returning, holidays approaching, and leaves changing colors to help us ignore the fact that everything is dying.

Thanks to Emily @That Weird Girl Life for tagging me! This post is more delayed than I wanted it to be but I got a nasty cold last week that’s just now ending and unfortunately any motivation to write just didn’t happen.

Autumn may be my second favorite season, after spring and before summer. It’s not too cold yet but still warm to go out. And (usually) there’s no snow, which my hatred for has grown since getting older.


Answer the questions, tag others, provide them with the same questions, and thank the person who tagged you.

Again, thank you Emily for the tag. She’s super cool and her blog is awesome so go check her out!


What signifies autumn to you?

Once the leaves start changing colors and the temperature drops. Pumpkin, orange, and leaf decorations are all over the place and pre-excitement for the holidays begin.

What is the best way to spend a rainy day?

Same as any other day: stay inside. Just kidding but I enjoy catching up on shows, starting new ones, or writing. Writing while wrapped in a blanket early in the morning.

What is your most fond autumn memory?

It’s probably trick-or-treating every year at my grandparent’s. I just remember getting excited when they’d start putting out flares along the road. Then once we’d finish we’d go back and watch Ghost Hunters live show (that I miss a lot.)

What is your favorite autumn scent?

Smokey air. Not too strong like what you get at night but early in the morning. I also love the scent from Bath and Body works which is an apple/pumpkin mixture.

What are you most excited about this autumn?

Can I put what I WAS excited about? For me it’s always The Walking Dead returning as well as getting into new shows. Stranger Things and IT. Then there’s all the craft festivals and pumpkin food. My work brings out pumpkin drop cookies I could eat an entire pack of in one sitting.

What is your favorite autumn movie?

I love Halloweentown. I could watch it any time during the year but choose to wait until September/October. Is it weird to associate Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone with autumn? I’ll put that on the list as well.

No scary movies. I just don’t get that into them.

What TV show are you most looking forward to this autumn?

Just one? I guess I’ll put Stranger Things because I was very excited for that. Already said The Walking Dead. Then there’s Runaways on Hulu I got mildly excited about (and now am a huge fan of.)

What is your favorite autumn color?

Dark red. I also like a light orange.

What is your most loved outdoor autumn activity?

Craft shows. I’ve been going to them for as long as I can remember and I look forward to them the most every year.

What is your favorite autumn fashion trend?

Boots! I love boots so much and even though I sometimes wear them in spring, even summer, I prefer them with my fall clothes.

If you could have a familiar/spirit animal, what would it be?

Usually I’d say my Patronus, a Rhino, but I’d like it to be a Tiger. I have this weird love/fascination with them and I don’t know where it started. It helps they’re orange as well.

What is your favorite photo you took last autumn?

I can’t say I took many pictures last year, but this would be my favorite any way. I got to meet Michael Cudlitz and Khary Payton from The Walking Dead at Steel City Con (in Pittsburgh) and it’s still something I like to talk about.

HP-Share-2017-08-12 20_14_51_249.jpg

Michael’s line was much longer (Abraham just died and we just met Ezekiel on the show) but he made time to talk to everyone. With Khary I got to spend more time talking, specifically about his relationship with Carol.

And it happened on accident because when they announced pictures were starting we thought the line (which was going through the entire convention center towards the front door) would be too long. Turns out it was for Bonny Wright (Ginny) and all The Walking Dead actors were in a separate room. In total I waited about an hour for both of them.

Also pre-weight loss.

What are you being this Halloween?

I dressed up as…nothing. I haven’t dressed in years. With work I don’t really think about it. We can dress up there but I’m very limited in my section (cooking.) And the main reason was saving up money for my Mikasa cosplay for the next Steel City Con (that I’m not going to any way.)

Maybe next year.

Who I’m Tagging

I’m sorry if I tagged you in something already! I try to change it up every time.


1. What Signifies Autumn to you?
2. What Is the Best Way to Spend a Rainy Day?
3. What Is Your Most Fond Autumn Memory?
4. What is Your Favorite Autumn Scent?
5. What Are You Most Excited About This Autumn?
6. What Is Your Favorite Autumn Song?
7. What Is Your Favorite Autumn Movie?
8. What TV Show Are You Most Looking Forward to This Autumn?
9. What Is Your Favorite Autumn Color?
10. What Is Your Most Loved Outdoor Autumn Activity?
11. What Is Your Favorite Autumn Fashion Trend?
12. If You Could Have a Familiar/Spirit Animal, What Would It Be?
13. Name One Place You Wish You Could Visit During Autumn?
14. What Is Your Favorite Photo You Took Last Autumn?
15. What Are You Being This Halloween?

I really meant to do this a while ago but then that darn cold took over my life for a week. Anyone feel free to do this tag. It’s a lot of fun!

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5 thoughts on “The Autumn Tag

  1. Fanna says:

    This is such an amazing tag! You met Miichael and Khary? That’s so cool ❤ I love TWD though I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to meet any of the cast 😀 Thank you so much for tagging me, Meagan! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Emily says:

    Yay, I’m so glad you did the tag! I loved reading your answers! Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone is SUCH a good fall movie! Especially the Halloween feast scene! I was so excited for Stranger Things 2 as well. Did you like it? I did but I still think the first season was better. And ugh, boots! I love them so so much too. If I could wear them all year round I would!

    Thanks again for doing the tag! And thank you for the kind shoutout, it meant a lot 😊 I hope you’re having an amazing fall! 🍂🍁

    Liked by 1 person

    • quibblesandscribbles says:

      Thank you! I did like Stranger Things 2 but I agree about the first season, even though there were a few things I liked better (Steve.) And again thank you for the tag. It’s been good so far and I wish the same to you 🙂


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