TV Quibbles: Top 6 Holiday Themed Episodes

At some point during the year our favorite shows celebrate the season along with us.

These are the episodes of shows I watch/have watched and always enjoyed as personal favorites.

1.) Arnold’s Christmas – Hey Arnold

One of the best Hey Arnold episodes ever? It starts like any other Christmas episode of any show: getting us in the spirit. When Arnold receives Mr. Hyunh as part of a secret Santa in the boarding house, he’s not sure what to get him. Then Mr. Hyunh tells of giving up his daughter during the war and Arnold goes on a search to find her.



A tear-jerker every time. Not only does Arnold go a long way to find her, but Helga gives up her favorite present in order to get him the best present she could.

2.) Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire – The Simpsons

Here’s another I have to watch at some point during the year. When it seems like the Simpsons will have a good Christmas with all the money Marge saved up, Bart gets a tattoo and therefore, use up all their money to get it removed.



It shows how much Homer cares about his family, doing what he can to get money for presents and in the end, getting a dog is the best present of all.

3.) A Christmas Carol – Doctor Who

Years ago when I binged Doctor Who, this one took me by surprise. Not all Doctor Who Christmas episodes end…well…happy, but it’s a nice breath of fresh air knowing someone isn’t regenerating at the end.



Rory and Amy are stuck on a ship during their honeymoon and the Doctor needs to get it to land safely in an atmosphere filled with sharks. A man named Kazaran refuses and the Doctor uses the Tardis to take him back in time and make him a kinder person. It’s one of my favorite Doctor Who episodes period and despite being a bit sad, has that Christmas feeling.

4.) Yes, Mikey, Santa Does Shave – Recess

Mikey does what he can to prove Santa exists despite everyone telling him different. Every time he gets close, a fraud is revealed.



Meanwhile the school is doing a play representing all the holidays and Mikey is expected to play Santa but he doesn’t want to go through with it knowing Santa doesn’t exist. Big surprise he meets someone who turns out to be the real santa (even though he doesn’t have a beard.)

5.) Christmas Who? – Spongebob SquarePants

Say what you want about the new episodes of Spongebob but this is one of my favorites of the whole show. One of the early ones. Sandy introduces Bikini Bottom to the idea of Christmas and Santa Claus. Spongebob immediately gets in the spirit and prepares for Santa’s arrival. Meanwhile Squidward doesn’t believe in any of it.

tenor gif

Tenor Gif

Santa doesn’t show up which breaks Spongebob’s heart and prompts Squidward to take on the roll, giving away all his things, until the real Santa shows up.

It’s one of the few times Squidward is nice towards Spongebob (not that I ever blame him for NOT being nice) and giving to others. Plus it’s narrated by Patchy the Pirate, who always made an episode feel more special?

6.) A Very Supernatural Christmas – Supernatural

Ah early Supernatural. Some of the best days.

The only Christmas-themed episode, we not only see young Sam and Dean celebrating Christmas without their dad, but why Sam doesn’t want to celebrate it despite Dean wanting to. They’re also on a case trying to find the monster responsible for taking people out of their houses through chimnys.



They discover a meadowsweet wreath, which is mainly used in pagan ceremonies to summon gods, and lead it back to the original creator. They find the gods, kill them, but the overall idea of the episode is Sam and Dean arguing over Christmas, since they don’t have many good memories of it. Eventually the two buy gifts for one another and decorate their motel room.

Again, personal favorites but what are yours?


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