Top 6: Favorite Christmas Movies

We could easily watch these movies during the year but always wait until that month before Christmas.

I am aware some of these movies aren’t award-winning pieces but what I grew up watching and make time to see every Christmas. And these are my personal favorites.

1.) Christmas Vacation

I’m sure many of us can recite this movie by heart, but no matter how many times I see it I always enjoy it. Out of all these movies I feel the Griswold family relates to mine the most. It’s the earliest one I remember watching and even though I like watching it at Christmas, I could and usually do watch it year round.



2.) Arthur’s Perfect Christmas

This probably isn’t on most people’s Christmas list, but is a movie based off of the TV show, Arthur. I could get into what it’s about but decided to talk about what I like which is the diversity amongst the movie. There’s not just Christmas talk but Hanukkah, Kwanza, and the different ways people celebrate Christmas. What it’s like for a single-mom, those who volunteer, and even the ones with a lot of money but no one to spend Christmas with.



It’s still a kid’s show but I definitely recommend this for anyone who hasn’t seen it.

3.) A Muppet’s Christmas Carol

No matter what others say about this movie I enjoy it all the same. A Christmas Carol hasn’t always been my favorite. I find it a bit more bleak than the other movies with a few exceptions throughout the movie. I think the Muppets make it more fun and even breaks the fourth wall from time-to-time.



4.) Prep and Landing

For me this one is just fun. It’s not long, but I have to see it every year. Elves prepare for Christmas in different ways with different jobs and the one we follow is prep and landing: the ones who ready Santa for each house he visits. I find it super creative but still with Christmas spirit and pretty funny.



5.) SNL Christmas Collection

I don’t care I’m counting this as a movie. Every year we get to see a collection of SNL Christmas/holiday clips mashed together to create one long evening of funny and creative skits. At this point I could recite each one as they air and we all have our favorites.



6.) A Diva Christmas Carol

Like the Muppet’s, I like when A Christmas Carol has some kind of twist to it. This one stars a diva (obviously) who treats her band mates/friends awful and yeah it plays out like the typical Christmas Carol but with a modern upgrade.



Honorable Mentions

x The Santa Clause

x Elf

x Love Actually

x How the Grinch Stole Christmas (1966 + 2000)

x A Year Without a Santa Claus

x A Christmas Story

What are your favorite Christmas/holiday movies?



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