Movie Quibbles: Star Wars: The Last Jedi Review

The Force Awakens brought a new light into the Star Wars universe, but did The Last Jedi live up to that or awaken the dark side?

I’m one of those people who enjoyed The Force Awakens. Yes I see the similarities to a New Hope and the issues people have with the characters, but it got me excited for this new trilogy. I couldn’t wait to see how the next movie moved on and went its own course and for the most part it, did just that.


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This is spoiler free, but I may do one with spoilers down the road.

How the Force Works

The part I enjoyed the most out of the movie, also the part I wish got more screen time, is Rey and Luke’s dynamic. If you expect Luke to start the Jedi training with Rey right away don’t get your hopes up. I did get worried grumpy Luke would grace the screen the entire time but hints of the Luke we know came through with smirks and messing with Rey.


New ways of using the Force are shown, which are annoying people. I’m sorry Jedi Masters, I wasn’t aware you knew of all the ways the Force works in this universe. It makes sense we haven’t seen it all and by the way I took this movie, even more powerful users of the Force are awakening.

One specific use is the “connection” between Rey and Kylo Ren, which I’m not 100% sure about yet. One is the light, the other the dark but there are implications both are inside them. On one hand I liked that we saw more complex characters for both of them. I wasn’t a fan of Kylo and although liked Rey, saw her too much of a Mary Sue. Here, I like both of them more. Yes even Kylo. But I hope whatever’s happening between them doesn’t turn into a forced (heh) “thing.”


Thrown Off Course

There’s a darker tone going on with The Last Jedi, but one part takes us off course. Finn has awakened and wants to help get rid of the First Order. He meets Rose, a background worker who just lost her sister, and they come up with a plan to help defeat the First Order but must find a hacker to help them get onto the main ship.

By doing this they go to a casino which dragged the movie, for me. I understood why. These are the rich, elites profiting off the war while abusing the little guys and animals, but it went on for much longer than I liked.


Now we do meet a group of kids who show up at the end of the movie and may serve a purpose down the road, but I wish they went about a different way of doing this. Maybe they’re being kept prisoner on the First Order’s ship as slaves, or some other way. If you’ve seen people complain about this specific scene I can add-on that it’s definitely my least favorite part about the movie.

Higher Stakes

The Force Awakens felt like a fun, space adventure with a few darker moments. In The Last Jedi shit gets real. A LOT of people die and there are some scenes you think main characters cannot possibly get out of alive (and maybe they don’t.) The First Order is constantly on the Rebel’s tail and just when you try to catch a breath, they come barging in.

Of course there are those Star Wars moments characters come flying in at the last-minute to save others, but those tense moments really are tense.


To keep it short and sweet: this moving looks amazing. The fight scenes are made so well and there’s a specific part near the end, if you saw it you know what I’m talking about, that goes silent and it’s just amazing.

I watched a review before seeing the movie and to say what they said, “This movie has four parts.” And it does. Just when you think it’s over, you know the feeling tensions are dying down, it’s not. There’s a whole other showdown about to take place. Not something I’m complaining about but just to let others know.


I enjoyed this movie a lot. I felt more connected to the characters this time around, especially the new ones. With Luke and Leia you almost feel comfortable with them, because you know them, but now that Rey, Kylo, and even Poe go through their arcs they become more real. I understand Kylo Ren better, although he really should go to some anger management classes.

One scene in particular bogs the movie down and although creates a nice cliffhanger for the next movie, didn’t do much for me. Perhaps taking it a different way would’ve created something better for both Finn and Rose, but it is what it is. As more questions are answered, more questions come forth, but I’m not one who is going to nitpick every little piece of this movie. I’m going to see the next one…then nitpick parts they left out from the trilogy entirely.

Overall I found The Last Jedi to be a fun movie with a different tone than we’ve seen in other Star Wars movies. It didn’t rely too much on past movies, giving a few nods here and there, but nothing to compare too much. Don’t go in expecting the best Star Wars movie but don’t ruin the experience by pinpointing every small flaw. Most of us enjoy Star Wars for the adventure and characters and to me, that part didn’t disappoint.



It is a bit heartbreaking seeing Carrie Fisher as Leia for one of the last times.

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