Blogger Secret Santa

I believe the last time I participated in a Secret Santa I didn’t own a cell phone yet.

One day during a break at work I happened to stumble across Megan’s @LoveMeganAnn Twitter post about a blogger secret santa and I got stoked. I believe I was still in elementary school and it didn’t involve family.

Check out Megan’s post of Blogger Secret Santa.


My Secret Santa is Mary from @Pretty on a Dime. She’s an awesome gift-giver so go check her out! Also thank you Mary.


What I Got

I don’t even remember what I put for my interests but it didn’t matter. I’m happy with whatever I got and in this case I love this adorable set of gifts I received.

*The tree did not come with my secret santa gift.*


Excuse the sticker in the corner that wouldn’t come off…but I love this idea for a planner and the questions are creative and change-up every day.


Starbucks Hot Chocolate + Gift Card

I wasn’t expecting this. I really appreciate the gift card (which I can hopefully save but don’t count on it) and what’s weird is how much I’ve been craving cold hot chocolate, which I’m sure I can use this for.



These sound delightful. My feet need all the help right now and I’m really excited to try these out.


For After Work

This season has been one of the more stressful of my recent work years and this stress ball person is exactly what I need. I expect I’ll be using it pretty often during the next few weeks.


Face Mask

I’m all for face masks and I’m glad it’s for all skin types because mine is weird. Excited to try this AND it has more than one use which is awesome.



Which uh, did not make it until I took a picture. Reese’s Crunchers. I really can’t say more, but here’s what it should look like. Reese’s are my favorite candy and this is the first time I tried these. It lasted a few hours at least.

reece's .jpg

Adorable Card

I love collecting cards at Christmas time. I have a bunch hanging from my wall and always appreciate it when a card is added.



I love love love my gifts. I love that there’s an array of different items. Thank you so much Mary.


Hopefully Megan decides to do this again next year because I loved it.

This shouldn’t be my last post until Christmas, if all things go according to plan, but if it is then I hope everyone has a Happy Holiday, Merry Christmas, or whatever you celebrate.


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