2018 Blogging + Life Ambitions

I might be setting my expectations too high this year.

I took an unplanned mini-break over the last week. I felt unmotivated, didn’t know what to write, and holiday-time at work is more stressful than I’d like it to be. But it’s coming to an end I’m ready to get started on my 2018 goals. Although I like to make monthly goals these are the big ones I like to break down during the year.

We’ll see how this goes.


  • Read at least two books per month: self-explanatory. I didn’t do as much reading as I would’ve liked this past year. Whether you count comics/graphic novels in this, I’d like to get at least two book reviews up during each month. I guess this can go under the “life” part as well.
  • Expand the theme: I have a list of ideas I have yet to try out.
  • Continue blogging: by this time next year I hope I’m writing a similar post.
  • Talk to more people:ย even on the internet I have a hard time socializing.


  • Get my book published: if you’ve read my previous posts you know I’m writing a book and by this I mean, I want there to be a date for publishing. This isn’t just, “send it out to publishers,” or “find an agent,” nope. This is my biggest goal in possibly my entire life?
  • Get fit: I’m 23 and it’s getting harder to keep weight off. It’s not something I ever talk about on here, but I have awful self-esteem issues and I feel best when I’m getting stronger.
  • Learn Japanese: ever since I started watching anime.
  • Meditate: not something I’ve done a lot of but the few times have helped my anxiety.
  • Get out of the country: funny this may be harder than getting my book published. I’m only 5 hours away from Canada and never been, but at the moment it looks like if I go it’ll be a solo trip.
  • Patience: you’d think after partly raising a dog since a puppy would’ve helped me with this but I still have a hard time. This also somewhat goes back to my anxiety which likes to be a dick and gets me worked up.
  • ย Better habits: cleaning, using more face masks, not neglecting my legs when moisturizing…

I’m a bit nervous. Hell maybe none of this will happen, but I’m tired of feeling like crap at the end of the year, or month, or day and not getting done what I want to.

Okay back to the serious stuff of talking about zombies, other galaxies, and forced romances.

And to everyone, good luck with your 2018 endeavors.


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