Book Quibbles: Meet Cute

Whether or not you believe in fate, or luck, or love at first sight, every romance has to start somewhere.

This is an anthology book featuring short stories by 14 different authors all with their take on love/relationships/those people you meet but may not get more than a few minutes with.

All the authors are listed below.

Not All Love Stories

What I liked is that not all these stories are about love, or romantic love. Most are based on first meetings and that “click” or “oomph,” which two of the stories are accurately named. You see I’m not a big love story person. At a younger age it’s all I cared about but now most don’t do it for me. Most love interests in stories make me roll my eyes.

At the end we don’t know what’s going to happen. Some end by giving each other their number, an accidental meeting, or a date yet to happen. I liked that there’s endless ways their stories could go but I like to think on the positive side. For most.

Not All Click

For some I kept waiting for well…the “meet” part of the story. One in particular involved a girl fighting with her best friend about prom. For a good portion I thought they would end up together but instead she meets someone at the last-minute, even though a big chunk of it was never about meeting someone. Sure she talked about insecurities in dating and finding someone is hard, but I didn’t get much out of it.

Some of the stories are like this. You don’t feel that chemistry, and you might think you can’t tell when two people have immediate chemistry through writing but when you read other stories you want that to happen each time and it just didn’t. For me.

That’s the thing. The stories I like others won’t and vice versa. Whether it’s based on our own life experiences in the dating world or what we look for when finding someone it affects the reading. Just when I got into a story it ended. I liked moving onto a new beginning but also wanted more of others.

Range of Diversity

Whether it be different races, religions, sexualities this book has it. Straight, gay, interracial couples, even one story about a transgender girl falling for a girl who made a speech disapproving of her using the girls’ bathroom.

If you’re someone who wants more of that in books (and most of us are) then you’ll get that fill here. I must applaud the book for that.

Personal Favorites

One involves a dating app bringing two unlikely people together, another about two girls meeting each other at an airport, or one about a girl falling for a guy who won’t return a library book.

Then there are a few I liked the idea of but the characters didn’t quite click for me. One is about two girls competing on a show for a date with a celebrity, or the last story that has hospitals made for people going through heart-break, unrequited love, etc. You can even get the option of erasing your memories and starting over in your relationship.

Authors List

  • Jennifer L. Armentrout
  • Dhonielle Clayton
  • Katie Cotugno
  • Jocelyn Davies
  • Huntley Fitzpatrick
  • Nina LaCour
  • Emery Lord
  • Katharine McGee
  • Kass Morgan
  • Julie Morgan
  • Meredith Russo
  • Sara Shepard
  • Nicola Yoon
  • Ibi Zoboi

350 pages all with a YA genre.


I can’t say I liked all the stories but most grabbed my attention. I even found myself grinning at some of the meetings. Like I said, chemistry. It’s cute and that’s the point. It’s not meant to be about falling in love, but meeting someone and just having something click. And I have yet to personally have this experience so it’s nice to read about others experiencing it, whether they’re based off real life or not.

If you’re someone like me who isn’t big into the romance genre but still likes to read it from time-to-time this could work for you. Each story gives something different and if anything everyone should come out of this with at least one as their favorite.

It’s also fun reading different writing styles and getting a feel for each author. Some I heard of before but some I now plan on reading more of.

Have you read Meet Cute? What did you think?


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