TV Quibbles: The End of the F***ing World Review

She wants to run away. He wants to kill her.

The End of the F***ing World is a graphic novel adapted to an eight episode Netflix series.  I can’t say I ever heard of it and I legit thought it would be about the end of the world, and in a way it is for the two main characters.


James is seventeen and a psychopath. He’s killed small animals but now wants to up his game to killing humans. At times I wonder if James can shut himself down completely as he doesn’t interact well with others and just goes along with whatever.

Alyssa is his target. After claiming James is her boyfriend they spend some time together before Alyssa realizes she doesn’t want the life she’s in anymore and they run away.



However this road adventure turns deadly and dangerous rather soon.

Not Your Typical Romance

Alyssa doesn’t know of James’s side hobbies, and despite his off-putting personality, sees herself falling for him. Most of the time you’re not wondering if James will fall for her back but if/when he will go through with his plan. He has plenty of opportunities. And just when you think it’s going to happen, Alyssa does something to warm up a side of James he hasn’t felt in years.



Alyssa and James are opposites and yet can relate when it comes to their home life. James went through a traumatic experience as a child and Alyssa’s mom remarried to a twat and hasn’t seen her dad in years.

Both have their flaws. Alyssa can be hard to handle at times and James can’t be enough, but both defense mechanisms for what’s really going on in their heads. And you do hear what’s going on in their heads as there’s some voiceover that actually works.

It’s nice watching someone like James slowly warm up to Alyssa, even if you don’t see it as love. Just any emotion from James is enough to raise your eyebrows.

This Is Real Life

In these types of circumstances it’s always interesting deciding what side you are on when it comes to a murder, even if the victim is a shit person.

Of course when self-defense comes into play you just yell at the screen for them to get away because it wasn’t their fault.

the sun

The Sun

Alas this isn’t a show like Supernatural when some demonic entity comes in and does something to get them out of the situation. Everything that leads up to the end is because James and Alyssa are just trying to get by despite the police on their tail.

The Side Cop Romance

I got interested in the two cops on the case looking for James and Alyssa. DC Teri and Eunice are two woman looking for the teenagers

The End of the F***ing World

There’s not much romance going on aside from a one-night stand but it’s hard to tell. Eunice is obviously into Teri but the other way around? They have their moments but ultimately they’re in search of James and Alyssa. In the end Eunice is the one to make an effort to not get these kids in even more trouble, as she would be the one to believe their story over everyone else.

Other side characters to note are Jame’s dad, who is less shit than all the other parents. Alyssa’s mom and awful stepdad as well as a gas station worker named Frodo. Frodo.




I like this show. It’s short: eight episodes and about twenty minutes each, so if you’re in a rush to watch something this could be for you. However there is swearing, some sexual encounters, sexual assault, and violence, for those needing to know.

But if you want to watch a show that moves quickly, has some great character arcs, and constantly has you wondering what else could go wrong I highly recommend The End of the F***ing World. I can’t forgive James for what he did in his past, but to watch him change over a short amount of time is a fun ride.


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