Top 6: Books I Read Growing Up

Who remembers the book fairs and scholastic book order forms? As one of the few people in my classes who actually ordered books, I read plenty of stand alone and series.

For this I’m talking about the books I read in elementary and middle school, so the ages of fourteen and under.



1.) Harry Potter

What a shocker this is on here. Harry Potter has always been part of my life and always will be. I mean I have Expecto Patronum tattooed on my arm so really I have no choice.


Seriously I remember checking out the first book from the library at school, waiting on a list then after that received books and merchandise at Christmas or my birthday to hold me over until a movie released and that would hold me over until the next and so on from there.

2.) Magic Tree House

As I looked up information on the books there is a part I didn’t quite catch at a young age. I always assumed the two main characters traveled using their magic tree house…obviously…but it goes much deeper than that because Morgan Le Fay is the reason they traveled then later it’s Merlin? Also magic books.


Oh who cares I loved this series. Jack and Annie dealt with dinosaurs, pirates, knights, and even went as far to the moon.

3.) The Amazing Days of Abby Hayes

There is something here not like the others. You may notice most of these books have a fantasy/mystery theme but Abby Hayes had neither. They followed Abby and her life through elementary and eventually middle school. Abby played soccer, collected calendars, and always wanted to live up to her successful siblings.



Weirdly as Abby went through experiences in her life so did I. Around the time she started middle school so did I. The illustrations of the books also caught my attention, giving them a different feel than others.

4.) A-Z Mysteries

I remember going to book fairs, searching out the new A-Z Mystery, and well you get the rest. Mystery isn’t a genre I read a lot of but there’s always the fun part of trying to solve it before the main characters, who are three young detectives.


I liked the characters and enjoyed each of the stories. They weren’t the hardest books around but what I enjoyed reading before falling asleep.

5.) Avalon High

There haven’t been many books I re-read in my lifetime, but this is one of them. At first it starts out with regular high school situations and a new girl adapting to her new school, but strange occurrences get her looking into Arthurian legends and believing she and her classmates represent those from medieval times.



Bringing the lure into modern times in clever ways caught my attention and there are some good plot twists in there. Despite the characters being in high school I read this around the age of ten?

6.) Animal Ark

I couldn’t leave out an animal-related series. Animal Ark followed a young girl named Mandy who helped out at her parent’s vet and came across different animals in need.



A love for animals started early on for me and I don’t know if this book started or reaffirmed that. I can’t remember any book in particular but the overall theme. Either way it made a big enough impression for me to look for them at every book fair or get my mom to order one.

Honorable Mentions

  • The Chronicles of Narnia
  • The Golden Compass
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
  • Stargirl
  • Chasing Vermeer

Many of these books still have a spot on my shelf to this day. Some started my love of fantasy and others connected to me on a personal level.

What are your favorite childhood books?



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8 thoughts on “Top 6: Books I Read Growing Up

  1. RedRocketPanda says:

    This is so cute! I miss ordering books as a primary school child, it was always the most exciting thing ever.

    ANIMAL ARK YESSSSSSSS. That was my absolute favourite series as a child – I had SO MANY of the books! I also loved The Magic Faraway Tree books and anything by Jacqueline Wilson. There were so many others but I have forgotten a lot of them now I am so old xD

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