Book Quibbles: My Friend Fear: Finding Magic in the Unknown

Combine a personal story + watercolor paintings + inspirational quotes and you have a recipe for befriending your fears.

Five years ago I wanted nothing to do with self-help books. This is when I got diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and depression. I saw it as being weak. I didn’t want to take anything for it (I haven’t to this day) and I didn’t want to get help, but I went to a doctor any way.

Now all I do is look-out for these books and I’m glad I found My Friend Fear.

Look At Fear Differently

It’s funny I wrote this because it’s essentially the theme of my book, but excluding the fear part. However, despite that I still never thought about this. Why am I stuck with my book? I’m terrified it won’t work out. No one will like it. It doesn’t make sense and I’m constantly changing something.

This book affirms that it’s okay, but instead of using fear as an excuse use it to become better. See it as a friend guiding you, helping you face reality and take it head on.



I could relate to Meera Lee Patel right away. She talks about not wanting to put on a bathing suit but wants to go to the beach. She wants to get out but doesn’t want people staring at her body. All of us have been through this experience in some way. Something holds us back from having fun. I haven’t been confident to take my shirt off at the beach in years.


The way Meera Lee tells her story is such a fun read. She goes from how most of us are now: too scared to do something and coming up with all the reasons it won’t work out and why. We’ll be ashamed we failed. We’re going to get hurt. It can be as simple as not wanting to get in the water because you can’t swim to finding someone to be with but scared it won’t work out. But now she’s living her best life.

A Watercolor World

Oh I love watercolor. When I first thought about buying this book and I saw the artwork inside it immediately made my decision. It brings life to the story by adding color and quotations. It kept me reading because I wanted to see what else it brought.


It also made me want to see more of Meera Lee’s artwork. She mentions she went to school for a regular degree but in the end became an artist because she wanted to, despite the fear holding her back, and not only do the words say this but the drawings as well.

Pep in Your Step

There’s always that brief moment after reading a book like this when you are prepared to get your life together. You want to take risks whether it be quitting your job or just getting away.

For me I want to take a solo trip. Not only am I bit scared but my mom isn’t very thrilled of the idea of me going somewhere by myself. However it’s something I want to try. Other bloggers have inspired me and now I want to do it even though I’m scared.

Self-help books are inspiring and bring out the motivation in you that’s been asleep all this time. My Friend Fear gives you even more with the watercolors and large quotes telling you that everything is going to be alright. Once we start using our fear to push us forward rather than keeping us stuck we’ll become who we want to be, and that’s how we should see fear. As a friend.

Only being 176 pages allows for a quick read and I am ready to read it again.

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