What To Do With Your Subscription Box-Boxes

And I am talking about the literal boxes.

Back in 2014 I learned about subscription boxes and ever since then have tried out different themes from books to overall geeky items. I haven’t received a box every month  but some months I got two or three and over time those boxes built up.

Rather than letting them take up closet or room space I came up with different ways to put those boxes to use.


1.) Reuse

This is pretty obvious, but use them during the holidays/any time you need to give a gift. With them being different shapes and sizes it makes it easier to put a lot of small or one big gift in.

Then that way you can give the box to someone else to deal with.

2.) Storage

There are two different ways I use the boxes for storage. One being for decorations/lights. Wrap up the lights then mark the box and put it away. Simple enough.

The other way is to keep memorabilia. I’m someone who keeps their ticket stubs, cards, letters, etc. Hell in high school I kept the bands I wore when I gave blood. Again, mark the box and you don’t have to worry about not knowing what to do with the things you want to keep but not display.

Because all of us want to remember passing out and throwing up when giving blood.

3.) Decoration/Display

This is something I never personally tried but have thought about. Mainly because I have no room. Stack the boxes to create shelves to display what you got in the boxes or if you’re like me and collect Pop! Vinyl. Display your books, pictures, or anything that needs a spot. They don’t even need to be stacked. Use one to put on your desk for extra space.


If you don’t like the outside of the box then you can decorate it with wrapping or decorative paper, or even flip it inside out and decorate the blank side with drawings. Lootcrate creates their boxes to be flipped inside out so it looks like something different. For example I have created Mjolnier and Newt Scamander’s suitcase.

4.) Organization 

It wasn’t until recently I tried this out when I realized too much stuff sat on my desk with nowhere to go. This becomes more like a DIY project. By cutting the top of the box off you can use it for those tiny items that just take up too much space.


After DIY-ing this box I didn’t realize how much I needed it for my desk and will be making more. I found using washi-tape can hide the small corners paper can’t cover.

5.) Recycle

Believe it or not there are no recycling centers where I live. If that were the case then this post wouldn’t exist.

But seriously if none of the above ideas catch your eye then this is an easy way to get rid of them for good.


This post is a bit different from what I usually make but after a week of feeling unmotivated and no ideas it came to mind when I was figuring out how to organize my desk. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on something I could easily make. I want it to be fun and can hopefully help others because it took a year for me to realize the problem this can turn out to be.

What do you do with your leftover boxes?




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9 thoughts on “What To Do With Your Subscription Box-Boxes

  1. Kathy @ Books & Munches says:

    Most of the time I use ours to fill with adverts and unimportant mail we get to put outside when they come and pick it up. Some I keep to mail things myself though. Like, a German friend’s birthday is coming up in April so using a FairyLoot box to send her a bookish birthday gift is.. perfect?! Already put one aside for that and filling it up with small gifts, haha.
    I also use one to stock all my bullet journal stuff in. Although the box appears to be a bit.. too small lately.. Or I should stop buying so many washi tape. One or the other.

    Liked by 1 person

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