Top Six: Disney Soundtracks

Without them we wouldn’t have a favorite love or get your-ass-back-up song.

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For five seconds this post became top six Disney songs, but for obvious reasons that became too hard to narrow down. And I kept it in the Disney-movie theme.

1.) The Lion King

9/10 times if I create a Disney post The Lion King will be on top, but the soundtrack is perfect to me. “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” is my favorite love song, “Be Prepared” is  my favorite villain song, and “The Circle of Life” is one of my favorites of all time and is weirdly motivational.

tenor gif

Tenor Gif

2.) Mulan

I’m one of those people who get pumped up by “I’ll Make a Man Out of You.” Every time. Not only that but I love watching the whole number play out. Then there’s “Mulan Short Hair.” No words, just the feel of what’s about to play out.



3.) Hercules

The Muses make this soundtrack. Figuratively and literally. “I Won’t Say I’m In Love” is another one of my favorite love songs, but anything the Muses sang just give the movie something extra.

tenor gif 2

4.) A Goofy Movie

I recently watched a Youtuber review A Goofy Movie and forgot how much I like listening to the soundtrack. It’s a Goofy movie and it’s going to have more upbeat, fun songs but some, and I mean very little, take a more serious tone. And it works for the context of the movie but my favorite is still “Eye to Eye.”



5.) The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid never connected to me in a way The Lion King or Mulan did but I still enjoy it all the same and that’s because of the soundtrack. Next to the The Lion King I think they’re some of the most memorable, some we can always sing along to. A favorite?  “Under the Sea.”



6.) Moana

With Moana being a more recent movie I haven’t re-watched it hundreds of times like the others on the list. However I love these songs because of how different they are. Of course you get that in any movie but it gives enough variety for anyone to have a favorite. And I enjoyed “Shiny” just as much as “We Know the Way.”



Honorable Mentions

  • Lilo & Stitch
  • Aladdin
  • Beauty & the Beast
  • Tarzan

What are your favorite Disney soundtracks?



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