Movie Quibbles: Black Panther

A Marvel movie that does everything right.

I didn’t know how to write this review because I loved the entire movie. Maybe a few quibbles here and there but nothing to take away that this is in my top three Marvel movies.

Instead of going through and making a regular review like usual I’m going to say the top five reasons why you should see Black Panther. These are also the five reasons why I love the movie so much (and there are plenty more.)

This is something I usually do when reviewing Marvel movies/shows. I did this for Age of Ultron and The Defenders, but I’m not doing my top five dislikes. Honestly I don’t have that many.


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1.) Character Chemistry

Plot aside I think characters make or break a story and Black Panther did this well. Nothing felt forced. T’Challa’s “inner” group of friends consists of everyone’s new favorite princess/sister Shuri, leader of the guards/friend Okoye, and ex-girlfriend/definitely still has feelings for Nakia. Everything worked with these four.



The side-characters like his mother, friend/he should’ve stayed in the house W’Kabi, and even Everette Ross add to the story. Most of the laughs come from T’Challa and Shuri, but their sibling banter feels real. No forced romance (there is romance but it doesn’t feel forced at all.)



T’Challa as the main character is easy to root for. His personality is shown more than in Civil War and he’s constantly conflicted what to do as he becomes king. He goes through his changes like any main character should but it helps that he’s likable and still grieving his father.

2.) Mythology and Tradition

I knew nothing about Black Panther aside from what Civil War showed and was excited to learn more about how the powers came to be and the movie explains it all from the beginning when vibranium first came to earth, and how T’Challa would become king. And it’s all showed beautifully.


Although Wakanda is a modern/high-tech society they still rely and follow traditions heavily. From their clothes to rituals it’s interesting to see how every day life is in Wakanda and that is one of the big reasons this movie can be set apart from other superhero movies.

3.) Wakanda

A segue from number two, I want to move to Wakanda. Literally. The trailers do well by not showing too much of the city and I’m glad for that because the first time we see Wakanda it makes you want to pack up and move there right away. From the design of the buildings to the way they use vibranium in their clothes/technology, I wanted to see more.


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There are different parts of Wakanda as well. It’s not just the city but mountains with snow, and fields where farmers live. I personally love the rhino ranch.

4.) Antag. That Works

At this point we are all aware of Marvel’s villains and their lack of…villainess, but no surprise Black Panther actually created one that allows us to have sympathy towards him while also making a point.


Erik Killmonger has his reasons for all that he does and I don’t want to say any more or else spoilers. However there is a detail in his reasonings that is a bit clichĂ©, but at the same time you understand why’s doing what he’s doing and if he didn’t take to an extreme level, more people would be on his side. Including T’Challa at the end.

5.) The Black Panther

The title of the movie. Does the Black Panther live up to his expectation? We only got a taste of what he can do and like I mentioned in number two, learning more about him allowed me to get even more excited. I didn’t know of the powers he possesses and what Shuri did to his suit makes him even more intimidating.

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And that’s what makes it for me. The Black Panther is intimidating. Fighting and strength aside when he’s in that suit shit is going down and you don’t want to mess with him.

Honorable Mention: Stand Alone Movie

I wanted to mention this for anyone who isn’t caught up with the rest of the Marvel Cinematic universe. It’s okay. There is little talk about the Avengers/what has happened recently. Sure you’ll recognize characters/events but they explain anything that needs explaining.


Basically if you’ve never seen any Marvel movie before this, you’re good to go.


Visually this movie looks amazing. I wanted to add that in my top five. From the look of Wakanda, to the technology, and a specific scene when T’Challa is going through the ritual of becoming king and he’s covered in sand. It’s stunning.

I want to mention my mom (hi mom) who’s been tired of Marvel movies since the first Avengers wanted to see this and came out liking it a lot. It’s different from other Marvel movies, which seems to be how some of the movies have been as of late.



Finally the women. I am so happy they gave such badass/strong roles to the female characters. Yes the movie is about Black Panther and T’Challa becoming king, but he wouldn’t be there if not for the people in his life, especially the women.

I highly recommend Black Panther.

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