TV Quibbles: Final Space Chapters 1 & 2 Review

Embark on a new space adventure with an astronaut named Gary and his planet-destroying-green-ball-of-cuteness Mooncake.

The Beginning 

Almost two years ago Olan Rogers released a pilot for Final Space on his Youtube channel. I remember watching it the day it premiered and immediately loved the idea. The show starts similar with the main character Gary hovering in space after an explosion. He only has minutes to live and is speculating what to do next with an A.I. named HUE.

What happens next in the short is Gary getting the opportunity to go back in time and change the events up to the explosion.

If you aren’t sure whether to start this show after this review I highly recommend you check out the pilot. Or check it out any way. Upon finding out it would become a show I got giddy with excitement and let me tell you, it doesn’t disappoint.



1,818 Days 

Flashback to Gary as a prisoner aboard a ship with only robots to keep him company. He goes through the same daily tasks which also includes sending video messages to Quinn, an Infinity Guard Gary has the hots for and tried to impress but those events ultimately got him sent to prison.


Gary interacts with the A.I. HUE., a security robot named KVN who just SUCKS, and the rest of the robots he named. All Gary wants to do is eat a cookie and play cards with someone. I have to give credit to Gary for remaining sane after all this time, but that’s who Gary is, and throughout the episode we get to see other sides of him that doesn’t just crack jokes.

On a side note I love listening to Gary talk because Olan does his voice and all I can think of is Olan. Gary is a lot like him and if you ever listened to Olan tell one of his stories you’ll immediately like Gary.

Mooncake: The Planet-Destroying Ball of Cuteness 

When Gary manages to get a break he likes to watch The Princess Bride on the outside of the ship, but after staying a few seconds too long a small, green alien E-351 AKA Mooncake crashes into him. Gary seizes the opportunity to talk to anyone and takes Mooncake in. At a first glance Mooncake is something you’d want to cuddle up with, but after discovering it will kill planets, you just want to cuddle with it even more.


However having Mooncake onboard may not be the best idea because the main villain of the show, Lord Commander, is looking for it. Tiny he may seem, but there’s a sinister side that is legit creepy. It comes out in the way he talks, the way his appearance can change, and what he can do. David Tennant voices Lord Commander and is almost unrecognizable.

A New Friendship

A group of bounty hunters board Gary’s prison-ship for Mooncake. Gary, who has his intelligent moments, manages to get rid of them all excluding one named Avacato, a Ventrexian or cat-man as Gary calls him.



Gary ends up playing cards with a tied up Avacato for nine hours and is just happy to have company but Avacato is more concerned about Mooncake, whom Gary isn’t afraid of. They wind up on an adventure to find a bounty hunter and that turns in Avacato finding his son, Little Cato (I can’t with these names) and Gary meeting the Lord Commander for the first time.


It’s a dangerous mission but a friendship forms out of it and with the Lord Commander wanting them, Gary and Avacato shake to keep Mooncake safe while looking for Little Cato.

More Than A Space Comedy

Final Space is a comedy, and it is funny, but there are dark moments and I get the feeling more are to come. To be honest I wasn’t expecting the gruesome parts (not that I’m complaining, it makes it more real.) Lord Commander is a real threat and there may be more that could potentially destroy the universe.

The look of the show is amazing. It’s bright and each of the characters have a unique design. With an endless universe to travel we’re going to meet more aliens/planets and I’m looking forward to that.

But more than that the show feels original. It’s different and I believe it to be Olan’s story.

Okay if you don’t know who Olan is from the show or his Youtube channel, he’s this guy:




Basically I can’t wait to see where this goes. At this point I don’t know. There are plenty of twists and turns in the episode I didn’t mention but I’d rather you see them for yourself. And you don’t know how happy that makes me.

If you want a fun, space cartoon that has emotional and darker moments and actual character depth I highly recommend Final Space.



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