Book Quibbles: the witch doesn’t burn in this one

Burn whoever burns you.

Before I get into the review I just want to say…how do I say this in a good way…if you’re someone who doesn’t like to see men get put down or doesn’t believe women are treated unfairly don’t read this book.


The princess saves herself in this one is about becoming the queen. The witch doesn’t burn in this one is about that queen taking back her kingdom and standing up for herself and others.

Rise, Fall, and Rise Again 

Like the first book, this one has sectioned into different parts: the trial, the burning, the firestorm, and the ashes. The trial is realizing how boys and men have gotten away with hurting us for too long. That they may come at us with fire but we’ll just throw it right back.

The burning is what you’d expect: them trying to destroy us but us knowing we’ll come back and destroy them.

The firestorm is that destruction.

And the ashes is the aftermath as we have risen above all those who say we’re not good enough and take what is rightfully ours.

The Fire In Us

The princess saves herself in this one helped many people, specifically women, see that no matter what they go through in life they can become the person they always wanted to be. No matter the scars they received over their lifetime they can come out on top.

This is a good continuation of that. Now that the princesses rose above everything that defeated them they can take back the world. They can tell the men who pushed them down, who tried to burn them away, we’re coming back with a vengeance.

It’s not just a story about crushing men where they stand but helping you realize you don’t owe them anything. They won’t get away with the abuse and rape. And to make it even better it’s a reminder that we, the witches, queens, whatever you see yourself as should be picking each other up. The men don’t want us to see as a group, we could destroy them.

Does It Connect?

The first resonated hard with me. Not all the life experiences but the overall message of still fighting. When it comes to this one I don’t know if everyone will see it in the same way.

There is a theme of showing men we’re not going to be messed with no matter what they’ve done to us but there are women out there who may not agree with that. Like I said in the beginning, if you don’t agree with the inequality between men and women then this story may not do much for you. Or it may open your eyes.

But there are parts that are real. Whether it’s women doing what men have wanted without question, or looking a certain way because that’s what they expect of us. In some way, all of us have experienced these issues. This is just the book to say them out loud for what they really are.

ready for a

harsh truth?


don’t need

your validation.


already have

our own.

-my self-worth shouldn’t feel like an act of bravery.

It’s more than taking away the power men held on for too long but helping you see that you don’t need to apologize for anything. If they tell you to smile, don’t. Or to quote the book, tell them to “drop dead.”

i know about that voice inside you.

yes, i know all about the woman

who’s been screaming her whole life

for the chance to be heard by someone.

take this pen from me and & uncage


-you owe this to yourself.

I could fill this with quotes because that’s what I love about Amanda Lovelace’s poetry. When she tells the truth it hits hard. There’s no sugar-coating in her writing.


Like the first book, there is a trigger warning at the start of this one for rape, abuse, violence, death, and even fire just to name a few.

If you’re someone who needs a pick-me-up. Someone who is having a hard time with whatever may be bothering you in life I not only recommend this book but the first one as well. It’s not meant to bring anyone down but for someone to see they rise about whatever may be holding them back. This one just so happens to deal with the abuse women have taken throughout the years and how we’re not taking it anymore.

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