Unboxing: Just Add Blog March 2018

You have your beauty, geeky, food, and period-based boxes but here’s one for bloggers.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, which means I may earn some money if you click on one.

About a month ago I discovered The Just Add Blog box, AKA JABBox and became an affiliate. Based on past boxes I needed to try it out. From photo overlays to stock photos, and organizers a JABBox includes 5-7 essential tools for bloggers and it’s all downloadable. A one-month subscription is $10 and based on what you get I believe it’s a great deal.

Easter Insta-Shares 

The first item is a 3-pack of photos specifically for Easter and sharing on Instagram, or wherever you want to use it. The photos are cute and made exclusively for this March box.


And I’ll be honest and say I don’t post on Instagram as much as I should so this is something that can help anyone out who is short-on-time or just needs a picture to post.

Business Audit Workbook 

This is a guide for anyone with a blog or business and wants to go over what they can improve. It starts with basic questions like, “Why did you start this business/blog?” and goes deeper as you think about ways you can improve and brainstorm ideas.


It’s a fast and easy way to get yourself back on track or prepare for the future. Created by Believe and Balance.

Memphis WordPress Theme 

Considering how expensive themes can be I think this is a great addition to the box. Now I know some can’t upload their own theme, depending on what they’re using (WordPress for example) but it’s there for future use and I personally like the theme.

Created by QDONOW on Etsy.

Inspirational Quotes 

You can think of this pack like the Instagram photos. Sometimes we just need that extra bit of inspiration to keep on track. The quotes were created just for this box and are there any time you or another blogger need a spark.


Facebook Group Printable 

Let me say that I don’t think you need a Facebook to use this printable. I think it can help with any social media. There are sections for Pinterest, Instagram, etc. but with a few changes it can help you out anywhere.

I’m not on Facebook so obviously it wouldn’t help me in that way, but with Twitter or Instagram it can come in handy as a reminder of what to post and when.

Smashing Your Blogging Goals 

This is a course created by like Sara…but with a d.


By using a tool called Trello this course can help you become more organized and help with any blogging goals. Even better after you sign up you will get a free three-month subscription to Just Add Blog.


Each month provides something different for bloggers to use. And I’m someone who should definitely spend more time organizing and planning my blog and posts out.

I wanted to subscribe to this box because I thought it would help me become better and give tools some can’t get and I think it does just that. Again, $10 is great considering what you could be paying for graphics, themes, courses, or whatever you need to use in the blogging world.


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