Unboxing: Lit-Cube March 2018, “Passport to Canadian Rockies”

As we continue our journey through Lit-Cube, this month is all about my favorite place, Canada.

For those unaware, Lit-Cube has changed a few things within the last month. The cost of boxes dropped by at least $10, includes free shipping for US orders, and switched to bubble packaging rather than boxes. And at this point I am grateful for that change.

The boxes keep piling up…just an endless sea of boxes…

Any way if anyone’s been interested in subscribing to Lit-Cube but deemed it too pricey here’s your chance. By the way I’m not working with Lit-Cube or anything (although wouldn’t that be great *wink*) just letting others know.

Back to the crate, this month is Canada-themed! No I’ve never been, I don’t even have a passport, and yet I love Canada. I know the words to O’Canada and constantly whine that I want to move there. And I will. One day.

The Three Sisters Bar by Katherine Govier

The Three Sisters Bar and Hotel is at once sweeping and intimate, and bursting with heart, wit, and larger-than-life characters who rival the Rocky Mountain Landscape for sheer brio. This new novel, which is a groundbreaking portrait of Western Canada’s past.


This book sounds interesting. It takes place in the early 1900’s as the railroad to the Canadian Rockies brings an array of newcomers to the valley. An adventure takes place that could overturn all previous knowledge about early life forms. And because we’re in Canada, a snowstorm hits and buries the mystery within for the next century.

I am legitimately intrigued by this story and can’t wait to start reading. Also, this is a special edition and the pages have that “old book feel.”

“Eh?” Koozie and Bottle Opener

I love the bottle opener attachment…even though I don’t usually drink anything bottled and probably won’t have a use for it, but it’s there if I need to whip it out. And it fits around my water bottle just right.


Plus, I love the “Eh?” in the middle of the leaf.


Coffee Crisp Bar

This is candy made in Canada and has a “creamy coffee center wrapped in two chocolate wafers.” It has a coffee smell but you can’t really taste it. I will definitely be getting another when I finally get to Canada.


But no surprise I ate the damn thing before taking a picture.

Sasquatch Decal 

If you haven’t read my Top 6: Mythological Creatures…well Bigfoot isn’t on there but I do have a fascination with them in general. I won’t say whether or not I believe in Bigfoot (although I definitely believe there’s probably some kind of ape-like creature living somewhere in the world that resembles a Sasquatch) but I like the decal.


I  haven’t decided what I’m going to do with it yet, so for now he will chill on the paper until that decision comes to be.


So I didn’t know Lit-Cube was changing until after I got this crate, and no surprise I was pretty confused at first, but after hearing it all I’m glad they’re going through with it to make the boxes more affordable and by cutting back on the literal boxes.

There may be one less item but of all the box-crates you can look for, Lit-Cube is now one of the most affordable and still offers great deals. This month’s is right up there as being one of my favorites.


Look out for April as we travel to California.








2 thoughts on “Unboxing: Lit-Cube March 2018, “Passport to Canadian Rockies”

  1. jessdepaula says:

    I also don’t drink, but that koozie is awesome! My aunt does Owl Crate religiously, she got a Lit-Cube as a birthday gift last year but didn’t keep the subscription because it was so expensive; I’m gonna forward this to her though!

    Liked by 1 person

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