Movie Quibbles: Avengers – Infinity War

How would I describe myself after watching this movie? Emotionally drained.

It’s…been a while. I’ll be honest and say I wasn’t into blogging within this last month. Even a simple unboxing just didn’t do it for me. I guess all I needed is something to kickstart that motivation again. Turns out that thing just needed to, and as cliché as it sounds, take me on a roller coaster of emotions.

*Big note: this is spoiler free and if it comes across that I don’t say enough, I just don’t want to give anything away.*

This Won’t End The Way You Think

What I admire the movie did well is the trailer and how it fits the overall feel. You get that feeling of hopelessness and how it’s all been leading up to this moment. Despite the jokes, it’s Marvel there’s still jokes don’t worry, and moments of hope, usually you’re sent straight back down to the pit of realizing how deep in shit the heroes are.


At the start of the movie I didn’t have any idea how it would end and it did take me by surprise. I suspected it wouldn’t end the way most Marvel movies do: on a good note, but not to the level it went.

Can’t Remember Everyone’s Name

As you may know it’s a big cast so if you haven’t seen many Marvel movies before this, it may be a jumble to remember who is who. Now if you have, it’s pretty amazing seeing two characters from different universes meeting and fighting together. If you liked what you saw in the trailer with them working together, there’s even more to get excited about.

With so many characters you may think it’s too much. For me, I think it worked. There’s credit to be given to the directors for pulling off something huge and succeeding.

NY Times

New York Times

From time-to-time there’s some cameos from smaller side characters, and one I don’t think anyone saw coming that comes into play when Thanos is looking for a stone. Again, not something I’m complaining about, but I could see people annoyed that certain characters don’t get as much screen time as others.

Small Nitpicks 

I can’t complain about much. Honestly I enjoyed this movie a lot, but nothing is without faults. One thing I never got onboard with is the relationship issues when it comes to Marvel movies, with some exceptions like Steve and Peggy Or T’Challa and Nakia. Like Bruce and Natasha…I never saw anything in that potential romance.

It’s not a huge part of the movie but there are moments with a couple going through issues. Now they do come into play later on and why characters do certain things, and maybe that’s why it bugged me a bit. If you’re not onboard with the romance, it probably won’t do anything for you.

This wasn’t an issue for me, but could be for some people: jumping locations. There’s a lot of different places the characters go. Not just on Earth but throughout the universe. You may get used to a scene going on, and then the movie goes somewhere else. It all goes back to bringing them together while also providing more character to the main guy: Thanos.

A Villain That Works

This won’t be long: I like Thanos as the villain. He’s threatening and actually has back story that provides more depth to him than what we usually get. No one agrees with his motives, but that doesn’t mean I don’t believe he believes he’s doing the right thing. His motivation is there and nothing will stop him, even if that means he loses everything.




Infinity War is a fun time, when you’re not feeling the effects of Thanos either getting the upper-hand or proving how hard he is to beat in a fight. There are moments of the heroes winning, but those moments come crashing down hard.

This is the first time you get the feeling the good guys aren’t going to win and I like that. I want there to be consequences and not us rolling our eyes every time someone “potentially” dies because we know they’re going to come back.



Like I said at the beginning: I feel drained. You may start out excited and go there during fight scenes, and then laugh, and then cry, and then laugh again. It all goes back to your connection to this universe. If the characters mean something to you, you’re going to feel it all.

What did you think about Infinity War?



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