Unboxing: Lit-Cube May 2018, “London”

How fitting my Lit-Cube shows up on the same day as the Royal Wedding.

I got way more into the Royal Wedding than I expected so when I remembered this month’s theme I about lost it. I still forget Lit-Cube changed their packaging so I still look out for a box, but I am glad they want it to be cheaper and nicer to the environment by using envelopes and less packaging.

Again, not sponsored by Lit-Cube (yet *wink) but just want to let others know if you’re interested in a different monthly crate subscription.

Seven Days In May by Kim Izzo 

Set during the First World War, four lives collide as the ship the Lusitania sets sail and eventually meets its deadly fate. This story is inspired by real events and the author’s family history. Three people from New York embark to London while another woman uses her skills in coding and ciphers to learn the devastating truth about war.


I’m not one to read a lot of historical-fiction but I’ve been in such a reading slump I’m hoping this book will change that. Since it involves the real-life sinking of the Lusitania it is peaking my interest.

London Coin Purse

I’m all for purses: small, big, coin. In my mind you can never have enough.


I love the illustrations of recognizable London locations and symbols. The purse itself is a good size and the outside has something like a vinyl covering.

Earl Grey Tea by Adagio Teas

Over the years I’ve started to acquire a liking towards tea, but can’t say I ever tried earl grey. It did make me interested and I looked on the website for more tea that I may have to order and try.


London Pocket Mirror

I am a big Doctor Who fan and don’t own a pocket mirror so it’s a win-win situation.


There’s a mirror on both sides and it magnetically closes. I love the Tardis design and portable size. Yeah that’s all I have to say. It’s cute and probably something not many own.

Collectable Enamel Pin

Next to the book, this pin is the most expensive item in the crate. I like that it’s a heart and will be a great addition to my pin collection.


London Decal

Again, I have no idea what to with these decals. If anyone has a way of displaying them let me know.


Any way, I like this decal a lot. You immediately know what it is and it’s a nice size…if only I knew what to do with it.


Once rounding it all out this crate comes close to $50, which is great considering it’s $27 ($25 for a subscription). This month is one of my favorites. I feel you really got your money’s worth and since I was going through a Royal Wedding “phase” it just fit. It’s actually weird it showed up on the same day.


I’m excited for next month as we travel to Texas.








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