Personal Quibbles: Blog Update

Compared to months ago, it’s been pretty quiet on here.

I don’t want this to get too long.

For a while I just haven’t been feeling blogging. There have been plenty of topics I wanted to get into whether it be recaps, reviews, or just talking about something in general, but at the end of the day I would just say, “eh I don’t feel like it.”


As if I haven’t talked about my book enough on here, but it has been my main focus for a while. I’m prepping query letters for agents and making some last-minute edits. This is a first for me so I’m half-nervous, half-anxiously excited to get my book out there. It’s weird but there were times I’d start a new book and just think, “I want to work on my own.”

At the same time it’s been mentally draining (with stress from work on top of that) and it’s definitely effecting my anxiety. For the last few days I’ve been on a “detox” of sorts from the internet and I think it’s helped a bit.


Oh and for 2-3 days WordPress wouldn’t load for some reason…

Next week I’ll be on vacation at the beach/from work and don’t plan on posting anything until afterwards but I do have topics lined up. I may be a bit late reviewing a show or book that I meant to do like, a month ago, but it’s going to happen. I want and plan to post more.

Alright, until then x










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