Unboxing: Fanmail June 2018 “Reigning Royals”

Queens, Princesses, Ladies, Dames, Khaleesis, Generals…badass royalty who take care of themselves…what’s not to love?

I was pretty curious about what would be in this one since there are so many different royalties out there to choose from. And like most Fanmail boxes, I wasn’t disappointed.

Tangled “Lantern Festival” Tote Bag 

Artwork by @Effimarie

This may be one of my favorite items from a Fanmail box ever. The bag is pretty big and will work great for me to take to work. Or anywhere because I plan on doing that a lot. I don’t use tote bags a lot unless they come with some way of closing and this one just happens to have a zipper on the top.

Also, if the lanterns look blurry they actually are like that.


Anastasia “Together in Paris” Necklace 

Not going to lie…I never saw Anastasia. I’ve seen plenty of photos about it, but if I did, I don’t remember. That being said I really like this necklace. It’s not too big or “loud” but does make me feel a bit fancy.

Also, the box is super cute.


Black Panther Princess Shuri Mousepad

If you read my Top 6: Female Characters then you’ll know Shuri is one of my favorites of all time. The mousepad resembles her armor and has such a cool design you could turn it anyway and it would work.


“I Am A Princess” Little Golden Book

This is such a cute book. I’ll make sure my future kids (if I have any) will read it…or I’ll buy each of my sister’s twelve kids a copy.

The book is about Leia and her life from being born into royalty to helping take down the Death Star and bringing peace to the Universe. More than that it talks about Leia being a hero and what you the reader can do to be a hero as well.



Bonus item: Interview with Jennifer Donnely, author of Fatal Throne 

I like how this box didn’t just settle for the stereotypical princess route. It’s made up of different royalty from different walks of life and franchises. I think the “I Am A Princess” book says it pretty clear that at princess will stand up for what she believes in while caring about others and all these women do just that.


Until August and the theme: Highschool Hijinks.








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