TV Quibbles: Cloak and Dagger Season 1 Review

“We’ll show these assholes a divine pairing.”

For this review, I’m going to do my top likes and dislikes of the season (without spoilers.)


At a young age Tandy Bowen watched her dad die on the same night Tyrone Johnson watched his brother get shot. During these incidents, they gained their powers but would lay dormant for years until the present day. Tandy drugs rich people and steals their money while Tyrone goes to a nice school and is a top basketball player. When they finally touch for the first time their powers are brought out.

They’re called the “divine pairing” and are meant to save the city from a catastrophe like many have done before. Each has their own problems going on with their families/personal lives but are forever connected with Tandy’s light and Tyrone’s darkness.


Tandy and Tyrone’s Chemistry 

Kudos to finding two actors who have some great chemistry. Upon their first meeting, it’s undeniable something is there and that continues to grow throughout the season. Whether you want to use the “divine pairing” excuse, it’s clear they’re meant to be together (romantically or not, however you want to see them.)


Dagger of Light & Cloak of Darkness 

One of the reasons I wanted to start the show is their abilities (I’ve already mentioned more than once the main character in my book is inspired by Cloak.) Tandy’s dagger appears when she needs it the most and Tyrone’s “cloak” protects him in dire situations. Throughout the season their powers grow as well and Tandy and Tyrone.

On a different note, I love the tension between the light and darkness. Any time Tandy and Tyrone get close, they pull apart. All I wanted to see was them finally touch.


Not So Much Side-Kicks

Even though the show is about Tandy and Tyrone, the secondary characters are likable and get enough screen time to make you care about them. Detective Brigid O’Reilly not only helps Tandy and Tyrone in separate situations but wants to take down a corrupt cop, Connors, who killed Tyrone’s brother. Tyrone is in a “relationship” with a cheerleader Evita who has something going on with her. I’ll be honest I wasn’t sure what to think about her at first, but after an incident with Tandy, she got my stamp of approval.


Ivan Hess worked with Tandy’s dad at Roxxon and ended up a coma after the incident that caused her dad’s death. Tandy meets his daughter, Mina, and the two wind up being friends. And since it’s Tandy, it’s nice to see her have a friendly interaction with someone.

Hopes and Fears

Tandy’s light is connected to hope and Tyrone’s darkness is connected to fear. When they touch anyone they can see their innermost thoughts. I liked those scenes. Not all were straightforward and made you think about what this person is most scared of or what they want the most.




Dislikes that actually aren’t dislikes but just some small nitpicks.

The Divine Pairing 

This isn’t so much a dislike, but for me, the “destiny” card can go either way. When we learned there have been pairings like Tyrone and Tandy in the past it did make me interested, but when it came down to one of them having to die, I just assumed it wouldn’t happen. We knew they wouldn’t die, and if one did, they’d end up coming back. I did like they said “screw you” to destiny and chose their own way of doing things.


Corrupt Corporations 

I like that Roxxon and the police are similar in that they’re corrupt and essentially follow one “head.” Tandy wants to take down Roxxon for what they did to her dad even after death, and Tyrone wants to take down the police, specifically Connors, for covering up his brother’s death.


I just didn’t feel like Roxonn became much of a threat until the middle/end. Tyrone’s hatred of Connors was felt throughout the entire season, but for the first few episodes, Tandy was planning on running away. It made sense she would get involved eventually, but the corrupt police did more for me than Roxonn and how they affected Tandy and Tyrone.


Some people complained about the lack of action this season, but I’m fine with how it turned out (a personal opinion.) Granted it does take seven episodes for them to use their powers in a fight, but before that, they have to deal with them acting out/not being controlled.


In the end, I wasn’t sure if I would like Cloak and Dagger. I’ve read comics with them in but didn’t know much about them. I’m happy to say I did enjoy watching Tandy and Tyrone get closer while learning to control their powers. The finale gave answers while creating more questions that I’m excited to see answered next season.

On a side-note, I’m glad to see stories like Cloak and Dagger and Runaways getting the screentime. They have a different feel than other Marvel shows/movies and if you’re interested in a change of story, I highly recommend Cloak and Dagger.










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