Book Quibbles: Zodiac Starforce Vol. 2 “Cries of the Fire Prince”

The Zodiac Starforce girls are back and this time they’re getting some extra help.

It’s been a good while since I read the first volume, and I mean over two years. I actually preordered this volume a year ago on Amazon. Note my surprise when I went to look at my preorders and remembered this volume would be out in a few days.

I actually reviewed the first volume so if you don’t know anything about this series, I highly recommend it.

Zodiac Starforce isn’t a long read, but it’s quick to get into. I did need a refresh of the first volume since, like I said, it’s been two years, but it’s worth the wait.


By the Power of Astra

In the first volume, we met Gemini AKA Emma, Taurus AKA Kim, Pisces AKA Savanna, and Aries AKA Molly. Now there’s Lili AKA Libra who got her powers towards the end of the first volume. It’s been seven months and everyone is dealing with their own issues like Emma and her relationships, Kim’s parental problems, and Savanna and Lili who are becoming more familiar with one another since becoming a couple.

I wasn’t prepared for a lesbian couple in this series, but am super happy.



Just like the first volume, most demonic activity has died down allowing the girls to focus on other aspects of their lives. And like the first volume, it doesn’t last long.

The Imprisoned Fire Prince

A group of kids from the first volume who were controlled by the baddie, Cimmeria, are desperately trying to bring her back to regain their power. After a summoning ceremony doesn’t go as planned, a new baddie named Pavos is brought through. He wants to kill the Zodiac Starforce as much as anyone else and they team up to take them down.

zodiac starforce

Zodiac Starforce

Pavos wasn’t what I was expecting. He has a flair for style (he was Cimmeria’s favorite dancer) and is devoted to making her happy. It’s pretty much his only motivation, but at the same time makes sense for him.

The Twelve Signs 

I remember thinking in the first volume where the seven other zodiac signs are and now that question is answered. A team out of the UK team up with the USA Zodiac Starforce in order to take down Pavos. What should be an easy alliance doesn’t turn out to be when Emma starts to have a thing with Jack AKA Leo and Jenny AKA Virgo doesn’t like Lili because she gained her ability after the last Libra died.


Zodiac Starforce

It’s fun to see all the signs together and what each can do. It’s what I like about the whole concept: each sign has a different power representing said sign.


Like the first volume, this one is colorful and fun to read. The artwork is great and easy to see. I’ve noticed with some comics things can become muddled, but since everyone is represented by a different color, people are easy to pick out.


Zodiac Starforce

This one flew by and I was pretty disappointed when it ended. I liked entering the Zodiac Starforce world once again and learning more about the history surrounding them all. At the moment I don’t know when the next one will be out but will surely be waiting.










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