Book Quibbles: Monstress Vol. 3 – Haven Review

Maika Halfwolf has begun to unlock the mysteries of her past – but the challenges of the present are only growing. 

Like most bloggers, I always seem to either have nothing to talk about for weeks or five things to blog about at once. I’ve been working on a review for the recent season of The 100 but’s been harder than I expected and with Castle Rock ending and shows coming back, as well as numerous preorders I forgot about coming to date, I’m happy that I’ll be posting much more often.

Onto the review.


Safe Harbor 

It’s been a good while since I read volume 2, but luckily I remembered most of what happened in the ending. Volume 3 continues not long after Maika and her friend’s set sail to sea to escape her pursuers. They arrive at the city, Pontus, where many others have taken refuge during the war. While trying to figure out their next plan of attack, Maika is visited by an old friend giving her a new mission.

Kippa’s Special

As if I haven’t said it before, Kippa is just one of my favorite characters possibly ever. Not only is she the cutest little fox, but she’s fierce in protecting those she loves. While Maika is off on her mission, Kippa is invited to a camp of refugees where she believes her family may be. Upon seeing their conditions, Kippa finds a mission of her own, and that’s to help those in need.

But that special something in her may be the end of her and it could come from Ren.

Maika and Zinn’s “Relationship”

It’s been an interesting road with Maika and Zinn. Since the beginning, Maika hated Zinn and wanted nothing more than to be rid of it, and although I think that’s still true, she’s starting to realize how much she needs the Monstrum inside her.

Maika’s mission includes activating a shield to protect Pontus and only her blood can do it. With Zinn’s help, they’re able to work together and discover more about Pontus itself, as well as the part of the mask Maika has. Their banter is one of the more entertaining parts of the story.


As usual, the artwork of Monstress is one of the best. There’s a lot going on in this volume, from new characters to battles, and each one has a life of its own.


It’s always interesting learning more about Maika and her past. Within the story, Maika is talking to Tuya, whom we know Maika had a close relationship with. Meanwhile, Tuya is on her own path, and I actually can’t wait for their paths to collide again.

Another thing I enjoy is how much Maika cares for Kippa, but just has a hard time expressing it. Even when Maika brushes Kippa’s warnings off, when the city could turn into a bloodbath any time soon, her first concern is making sure Kippa is safe. And it seems the next volume will revolve a lot around Maika and Kippa’s relationship. There’s certainly a cliffhanger, and not one that got me giddily excited, but a little too nervous.

In a good way. I am excited for the next.








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