Book Quibbles: Sadie

If she dies, she takes the truth with her.

I got this book in Scribbler’s September box. When I was reading some notes from the author and realized it’s broken up between the main character, Sadie, and her point of view and a podcast surrounding her, it immediately caught my interest.

Murder Mystery Series

“Today, WNRK is launching the first episode of our new serialized podcast, The Girls, created and hosted by West McCray.”

The beginning of the book sets up the podcast itself and why they’re following Sadie’s story. After a combination of meetings and events, the host, West McCray, receives a phone call imploring him to find nineteen-year-old Sadie Hunter. At first, he says, “Girls go missing all the time,” but when he finds out Sadie’s little sister Mattie was murdered, he jumps on the case.

Sadie is from a small town where the nearest school is forty minutes away. She also has a stutter, which has led her to be bullied for most of her life, but it’s not stopping her from her goal: to find her sister’s killer.

The book switches between Sadie and the podcast, which is one step behind her as she’s telling her story. I love that. As West is going around interviewing people we just met through Sadie, some plot holes are answered that we might not have gotten the first time around.

Greetings from LA!

Starting with Sadie, she is a determined girl. She didn’t have a good home life with her mom and the numerous boyfriends, but Mattie was always the thing that got her through life. She became the mother figure to her sister and once she lost her, all life purpose went into finding Mattie’s killer.

Despite her stutter and small frame, Sadie isn’t here for joking around. She’s got a switchblade and she’s dangerous, which starts out as a little joke but she will pull that switchblade out. Nothing is stopping a girl grieving over her dead sister with her own demons that slowly start to unravel until the truth comes out about her past the person she’s after.

May Beth became the mother figure for Sadie, a friend of Sadie’s grandma. She helped raise Sadie and Mattie while their mom, Claire, was off doing drugs. She’s the one who wanted West to take on the case.

Then there’s West, who at first didn’t even want to take on the case, but the deeper he got, the more shit came to light and in the end, he was determined to find Sadie.


Sadie met a lot of people along the way, some potential love interests, but I like how they never became “a thing.” It’s one of those cases where if Sadie were in a different position, at a different time maybe things would’ve worked out, with the boys or girls.

I want to say there are topics that are sensitive within the book, and I don’t want to say because it will spoil a big chunk of the story, but just keep that in mind.

But the ending, I love it. It’s open and wrapped up as the podcast ends. You don’t get all the answers for everything, but almost all questions come to light. One of my favorite parts is the podcast following Sadie and her story. It’s a great change-up to usual storytelling and takes a break from Sadie’s long paragraphs to shorter, quicker speeches.

Despite Sadie sometimes going off or saying the wrong thing at the wrong time or messing up somewhere, you remember what she’s willing to do to reach her final destination. She has to remind herself she might die, but leading up to her possible fate is a great read.







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