Top 6: Scary Movies

I may be a wimp, but I can still enjoy certain movies.

A lot of these shouldn’t be categorized as “scary” or “horror” but upon looking them up, it seems that they are. Some I watched pretty young and have enjoyed for years, others I never expected to go to a theater to see.

I also want to mention there are many scary movies I’ve never watched, since, well my Child Trauma post explained that: certain things scared me when I was little and I stayed away from the genre for most of my twenty-four years of living. One thing I did notice is that I enjoy them because, at some points, they make me laugh.

1.) IT (2017)

How funny the original adaptation was on the top of my last list, but this one is number one here. When the movie was announced I said, “nope, not going to see it.” Then the trailer came out and I got more intrigued and I saw it opening weekend.


There are definitely creepy moments within the movie, but I never got “scared.” I liked watching the kids get closer and interact, whereas in the original if Pennywise didn’t show up, I was going to fall asleep.

2.) The Lost Boys

This is one I first saw at a pretty young age, but unlike IT that ruined clowns for me, I found this one entertaining. Maybe because I never found vampires “scary.” As for the vampires themselves, I like the way they look and how they blend in with everyone else. You know, it’s not obvious like in some movies where they live in a creepy house or dress differently. They just sleep upside down in a cave…



And the ending with grandpa may be one of my favorites.

3.) Scream

I almost put the second one on here as well, but I don’t think I like it as much as the first. Despite all the killings, this is one where I can make fun of the tropes along with the characters. I like that it calls them out while still using them.



Plus, say what you want about Scary Movie, but now I can not, not make fun of the killer running around, tripping all over the place because of his poor choice in clothing.

4.) Shaun of the Dead

Who doesn’t like this movie? There are still real life issues with comedy mixed in. You still feel tense in hopeless situations but are brought out by something else happening that changes the mood.



And the characters are relatable. They don’t work for the government or are extra strong and can swing a sword. They’re just trying to survive.

5.) Tremors

This is another one I saw at a very young age. I never considered this horror, but there are those tense moments of waiting and thinking the creature is going to get them. I remember playing this with my sister and cousin, laying on a bed, and pretending something was reaching up and pulling us down.



Plus, Kevin Bacon.

6.) Zombieland

Again, another I never considered scary, but zombies I guess. I love the rule system within the movie like “double tap” and “when in doubt know your way out.” They are legitimate tips in case a zombie apocalypse breaks out.



I also love the scenes with Bill Murry who’s been stuck in his house dressing up as a zombie.

Honorable Mentions

Well, shit.


I am interested in broadening my scary movie list, but every time a new one comes out I see reviews it’s not good, and the older ones I always stayed away from, like A Nightmare on Elm Street.

Another reason is, some just bore me. The anticipation of waiting for something to jump out or happen can be more annoying than intense, to me. Horror has never been a genre I felt drawn to, but as for everyone else, enjoy it all you want.








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