Personal Quibbles: The Twilight Phase

Most of us can say we went through this or a similar phase.

Before I start I just wanted to say this is not a jab at people who like the saga. You like what you want to like, but this just a time that I took my liking for the series a bit too far.

The Beginning

What a lovely coincidence that I learned of Twilight just as my boyfriend of the time broke up with me. I felt like crap, and I will not get into all that, but it was something I could immerse myself in, and for that, I can’t fault the books. It was better than moping around writing sad music quotes on my Myspace photos. I was also fourteen.

This was right before the movie came out. I was at a volleyball practice and some of the girls were looking through magazines of the cast and yeah, that’s what got me interested: the guys.

But I did want to read the book before seeing the movie and still do that to this day.

Save a Volvo, Ride a Vampire

I could…barely write that without cracking up and cringing at the same time.

Needless to say, I read the first book and loved it. Now, I didn’t read the rest of the saga until after Christmas and had the money, but once I got the books, I read them all in less than a month. I remember staying up most of the night reading them.

After that, the obsession grew. My Myspace page was ALL Twilight, including a photo of Edward Cullen and the quote up there. My AIM page was all…riveting Twilight quotes or using the term “Mrs. Cullen.”


I hate my past-self.

You know what’s even better? I RE-READ THE SERIES. All of the books, at least, once more, right before New Moon came out.

The Beginning of The End

By the time New Moon came out, I started dating someone new who HATED Twilight. So naturally, I’d always bring up my love for it. But it was during this that my obsession started to dwindle and I just didn’t see the appeal anymore. It wasn’t until I was almost sixteen that my interest was gone. By this time I was dating another guy and he bought me New Moon for Easter (?) and I just didn’t want it, but I took it anyway because I wasn’t a complete dick…most of the time. My mom might argue that.

I think the more people complained about its problems the more I saw them for myself. It could’ve been how boring of a character Bella is or how problematic her and Edward’s relationship is.

I also got a BIG wake-up call during this time, realizing what a dumbass I was.

I like to call my years from 13-16 my “regrettable years,” because all I cared about was having a boyfriend, sports, and well, Twilight. It’s so funny because I sat in front of this guy in my math class who also disliked Twilight and made fun of it so I made fun of his love for anime.

Guess who loves anime now…the irony.

The Point?

Was there a point for this post? I don’t know what made me write this except, I don’t have many personal posts on here or like to talk about certain years of my life, and this is a good example why. I also saw a Twilight post on Twitter and instantly thought of the years I wore “Team Edward” shirts to school.

Again, I can’t fault Twilight for reawakening my love of reading. For a few years I wasn’t into it like I was when I was little (again, regrettable years) but because of this, I wanted to find books similar to Twilight and got into more series, like the House of Night.

Don’t get me started on those books. Or maybe I will.

If you are a lover (or…liker) of Twilight that’s totally fine. I don’t judge anyone for the books they read. It was there during a time I needed it to be until I realized I didn’t need a relationship to get by.

Woah…I literally just came up with that revelation as I wrote it.

Want to hear more about my regrettable years? Please say no. 









5 thoughts on “Personal Quibbles: The Twilight Phase

  1. Amanda Cade says:

    I love this post. It’s always fun to look back and wonder “What was I thinking?” about things we used to love. I read Twilight because everyone else was reading it…but I just didn’t get the appeal. However, I used to be obsessed with cookie-cutter teen horror stories, so I have no room to judge. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. musingsofkriti says:

    I admit I had my twilight phase where I was pretty obsessed with it, to the point that I even had a twilight themed birthday party where I dressed up as Alice, had food that were referenced in the books (mushroom ravioli which no one liked btw) Oh good I feel so much cringe just thinking about it now

    Liked by 1 person

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